October 30 Update

Patti´s sister, brother and friend have been over to visit her over the past few days.

Patti Family

“We are family”… Patti´s older sister (left) and younger brother.


The kitchens have been busy, but still we found some time to recreate some old favourites, and try out some new dishes.

Nahm Dtok Laocook

A “Nahm Dtok”, so loving named after the “juices” that flow when grilling the beef over a high flame.

Beef Tongue

Beef Tongue, LC style. The Tongue of the cow is perhaps one of the most underestimated cuts. When prepared properly, the meat is ever so tender, with an almost “melt in the mouth” texture (excuse the pun).

Ping Gai Laocook

Bite sized pieces of “Ping Gai with Laotian Tomato Chutney”. Chicken Oysters are used because the fat renders the meat juicy…

Larb Tuna Cones

“Larb Tuna Cones”. The bottom of the “cone” is filled with Avocado, which has a wonderful, creamy texture.

Orange Caviar Larb Beef

“New Style Larb Beef, with Orange “Caviar””. This dish is one of those dishes that has to be tried to be believed. A fine Beef Larb is topped with Orange “Caviar” made from fresh (sour) Orange Juice cut with Lime. The “balls” just burst on the taste buds.

5 Star Sushi

“5 Star Sushi” (geddit!). Salmon Sushi Balls, King Prawn and Avocado, Tuna “Ventresca”, Seabass, “5 Stars”, Inside Out Maki with Flying Fish Roe…


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