The End, El Fin, Die Ende, Fin

There was a time when was updated on an almost regular basis. Sadly those days seem long gone. Once upon a time, there were things to write about, photos to take and videos to be filmed. I feel that I have neglected the site as work commitments and “real life” got in the way of sitting down and updating the site.

Also, the team that I had brought with me from Laos and Thailand have all moved on to pastures new. The Grand Hotel Resort that brought all of us together has sadly closed its doors, and the team slowly moved on to different places, some back “home”, others to different restaurants in Spain.

My journey took me to Milan then back to Spain and I now have a path that leads to London, the city that I grew up in.

Thai&Lao is a new project that I am working on, its a family run business that was formally known as Thai and Lao Street Food. It´s situated in trendy Shoreditch. Slowly I will implement changes and bring more Lao dishes for Londoners to enjoy.

It´s a far cry from the 300m² kitchens that I am used to, but it allows me to get back to basics and serve mum and aunty´s dishes for people to enjoy without the expectation or artsy-fartsiness of a 5 star hotel dining room.

I will be restarting my twitter field #laocook which will show the same tweets as my new one called #thaiandlao, the Laocook Facebook page will also continue, as well as a new ThaiandLao page, so for those of you who would like to keep up with me, you can do so there. I also have an Instagram for ThaiandLao too. will not be updated anymore, but I will keep the site going because I believe that there are interesting articles, recipes and comments that need preserving.

So its goodbye from me, I hope you have enjoyed this journey as much as I have.

Sok Dee Der!




2 thoughts on “The End, El Fin, Die Ende, Fin

  1. Sabaidee Vienne,

    Very sad to hear you leave your blog. It’s such a great site, full of wonderful posts, stories, pics and recipes. It’s such a joy to read. But I understand that it takes time and that you have other things to do. Thanks for sharing your passion for Lao food and cooking. You’ve been a great inspiration. Please don’t remove the site any time soon. Who knows, perhaps, you might return with a post on your next venture someday? I’ll be following ThaiandLao on Instagram. Take care and best wishes! 😀

  2. Thank you for leaving the blog intact Vienne. So many treasures in here. Good luck with your new adventure,

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