Lao Horror

From what I have seen, Mattie Do is quirky, funny and rather pretty!.

Mattie is a talented young film director, she´s also Lao, and did I mention, pretty?

She is shooting her second horror film,  ນ້ອງຮັກ (Nong Hak), or in English, DEAREST SISTER. Her first film Chanthaly was shot two years ago (amazingly for under USD5000!) Chanthaly became the first Lao film to screen in major festivals outside of Southeast Asia. It had its American premiere at the Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX. After that, the film screened all over the world!

Personally I´m not really in to horror movies, for the sole purpose that they scare the shit out of me! (Mattie seems to love blood!). What brings this film to my attention is the fact that it´s a Lao film, made in Laos by a Laotian!

The majority of the funding for the film was the result of her online campaign to raise money for the project, sadly this post comes a little too late as I think the campaign has ended (today, July 2nd), however if you want to see what perks were available head over to here, and who knows?, you may still be able to donate something and be a part of Lao film making!