The Videos

All the LCTV presentations on one page.

Som Moo Dorn, first published on the 27th March 2008.

This recipe is for Som Moo made with pieces of Pork Belly.

2008 Internships, video for our 2008 Internships.

Boun That Luang, first published on the 15th December 2007.

Searching for Crispy Pork in the streets of Vientiane followed by an evening at the Boun That Luang.

Funnies and Bloopers, first published on the 30th October 2007

Outtakes and bloopers from past LCTV Videos.

Som Moo, first published on the 15th June 2007.

Recipe for our version of Som Moo, or Fermented Laotian Pork.

2007 Internships, video for our 2007 Internships.

Bamboo Salad, first published on the 5th June 2007.

Recipe for Laotian Style Bamboo Salad.

Yum Salad, first published on the 20th May 2007.

Recipe for Laotian Style Squid Salad.

Frog Leg Stew, first published on the 10th Arpil 2007.

Recipe for Laotian Stew “Aw” made with Frog Legs.

Mok Pa, first published on the 4th April 2007.

Recipe for Laotian Style Steamed Fish.

The Wild Side, first published on the 28th March 2007.

A look at what was on offer at a market in Vang Vieng.

Fried Fish, first published on the 25th March 2007.

A quick and easy recipe for Laotian Style Fried Fish.

Som Pak, first published on the 22nd March 2007.

Recipe for Laotian Style Soured (Fermented) Cabbage.

Duck Blood, first published on the 18th March 2007.

Duck Blood “Larb” being made in Vientiane.

Sao Noi Disco, first publsihed on the 23rd January 2007.

A look at Live (Jumping) Prawn Salad in Vientiane.

Laotian Style Roast Duck, first published on the 15th December 2006.

Our recipe for Laotian Style Roast (bbq) Duck.

Sushi Maki with Daikon Cutting Demo, first published on the 7th December 2006.

Recipe and technique for Sushi Maki and our Daikon Cutting Technique.

Bitter Melon Soup, first published on the 6th December 2006.

Recipe for Laotian Bitter Melon Soup.

Mushroom Garnish, first published on the 3rd December 2006.

A quick and easy way to make mushrooms in to attractive garnishes.

Stock Tip, first published on the 29th November 2006.

A quick tip on how to speed up tenderising meat in stock (broth).

Birds, first published on the 26th November 2006.

Getting birds ready for cooking.

King Crab, first publsihed on the 26th November 2006.

Getting King Crab legs ready for cooking.

Bonito Sashimi, first published on the 20th November 2006.

Getting Bonito Sashimi ready.

Sectioning Chicken, first published on the 15th November 2006.

How to cut (section) a whole chicken.

Sectioning Chicken 2, first published on the 15th November 2006.

A real time example of the above video.


18 thoughts on “The Videos

  1. Hi Vienne,

    I was searching all the internet for the Nem Khao recipe in your site, and suprisingly I am finding other great stuff like how to make “Nem”, soup normai which are hard to find online. I would like to know if you can show how to make Nem Khao, because I am very visual person, that would be also nice. I wish you have this other recipe that I love is “Mieng Muang Louang”(Lettuce rice wrapp), that would be also nice to see here.

    Thank you for the video’s!

    Great job!

  2. Hi Dalika and thanks for your comment. Making a video of the Nhem recipe is a good idea, and something that we will try to do when things calm down after our summer season.

    Mieng Muang Luang is a nice dish, which has many versions, thats something which I hope to look in to too. :biggrin:

  3. Wow!! So nice to see the progression of Lao cooking. Love the videos!!  Thanks for taking the time to post them.
    Chicago, IL

  4. Hola Sophie and thanks for your comment.

    Papaya Salad is a very personal dish that has sooooooooooo many variations. I have even seen Papaya Salad Competitions at large community gatherings, where recipes are fiercely guarded! The results are always nice, but at the same time always different.

    It is also a dish that has no correct list of ingredients or measurements for that matter, its always tasted as it is made, perhaps adding more fish sauce, padek (oh yes, you need fermented fish!), lime or lemon juice etc…. as you go along.

    Sadly, I we do not get papayas here, so the salad is greatly missed, more so for my team members. Now that you bring it up, we are all craving for it! :biggrin:

  5. Hey I’m from Houston¬†Texas and ¬†was looking for recipes online for laap and I came upon your website and thought it was great!¬† I was looking through your videos and I saw a picture of one of the cooks and his mom. LOL it was so wierd b/c they are ¬†my family.¬† I was actually in Paris France this past Christmas to visit them for the first time with my fiance Douglas.¬† What a small small world huh!¬† By the way of love your website!!!¬† Thanks for the “how to make videos” for the novice Laotian cookers like me! Your dishes are absolutely FANTASTIC!¬† Keep¬†up the great work!

  6. hello chef.congrat on to you becoming a newly’s been a long while we all miss your posting.i just wanted to say you are awesome cook everytime i stumble across your website i get so hungry
    looking at the food that you cook.keep doing what you are doing you got my support.our younger generation needs to learn how to preseved our traditional doesn’t really have to be really
    traditional a little mix and spicing up can led to good food.anyway good post but i really have to go for now got to caught some sleep.

  7. can u send me the video of u in laos making duck blood to my email? i tried to watch the video in your website but i guess it wasnt uploading.. i tried that recipe awhile ago it was awesome. hope to see the video soon.. 

  8. Hi!

    Can you post more video recipes! I would love to try to cook your recipes, I’ll let u know how it turns out. Hahaha.


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