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Being Laotian, I have found that food plays an enormous role in my society. Our get-togethers are based around food, in fact, any social gathering will in one way or another feature food. As soon as you walk in to a Lao home, the first thing you are asked is “Have you eaten yet?”, even our religious offerings show respect by offering foods to Monks and Spirits. I believe it is instilled in us, the basis behind to “lieng”, to offer nourishment.

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I grew up surrounded by foods, more precisely, cooks. The hub of all our gatherings was always the kitchen, the heart of the home. I have been a “Jack of many trades”, but my heart has always been in the kitchen, it is what I do best, because I love it, and to have it at the centre of my career is a blessing, a “Boun”.

Vienne Laocook

I live in Spain, and am in charge of an international Brigade of cooks and Service staff. Together we put together new challenging ideas alongside traditional cooking methods. I am on a journey, a journey of discovery, of testing the bounderies that seperate Traditional and Modern. My team and I invite you to take the “passenger seat” in our daily lives.

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“Sok dee der”,

Vienne. Feb 2006.

PS: A special “Khop Jai der” to Darly for basically setting everything up, and to Nexus and Sim of Lao Voices for their help, design and input.

The Lao Cook.

  • Known as:
  • Given Name:
    Viengphranom Senathit
  • D.O.B.
    22 November 1972
  • Place of Birth:
    Vientiane, Laos
  • Location:
    Andalucia, Spain

99 thoughts on “About Laocook

  1. Talented Laotian chef…I’m glad to see a great chef out there that’s Laos. I’d just became a chef (Sushi Chef) at a non-tradtional Japanese restaurant called RA. By saying just, it’s really just six month. I enjoy cooking and want to learn more, seeing the pix u post and stuff u create, boy it makes me want to strive for more. One day  I hope to fusion Lao food w/ dishes from other countries…not that Larb or Gaeng Ka Lee isn’t good on it’s own, something I want. Aniwase any advice for a young Lao brother who’s a newbie to the chef world? K, Kop Jai for the awesome site.

  2. Welcome Jack, and thanks for the nice comments, and welcome to the world of Cooking. Sushi is great! Hope to hear more about you, like, Where are you based? What made you want to be a cook?

    Lao Cuisine is starting to get recognised, and I truly hope that you can help it on its long journey, to see Lao foods standing next to International Food Trends one day is our dream. 

  3. Hi Chef Vienne..
    I am very please to see that we have an intellent and creative chef that is Laotian.  I enjoy your website, especially when you posted the pictures of your creation so we can see.  I think there are alot of intelligent and creative Laotain chefs out there that need to be recognize. 

    We own a restaurant in Wisconsin and we are fortunate to have a sushi chef who is Laotian working with us.  His food has shown his creativities and passion for food.

    I myself currently attending cultinary management program in Wisconsin.  My goal is to learn the western cuisine and infuse Asian ingredients with  western ingredients to create a unique new Asian fusion or Asian flare dishes.   I would most definitely like to crate a Laotian fusion dish and make it more modern.  I think Laotian people, culture, and food need to be recognize.  
    My personal career objective is to become an executive chef, specialize in Pacific Rim Cuisine.  

    Keep up the good chef Vienne.. 
    Do you normally share your recipe with others?


  4. Hola Leah, and thank you very much for your comments, this site was created to share and learn, and we are glad that we have made a small contribution to the food scene.

    Our recipes are not strict, so there is a lot of " a la minute" inspiration, but as long as you love what you are doing, the results are usually okay. 🙂

  5. Hi Vienne,
    Living in Paris, I rely on the "guide du routard, Paris exotique". Only two restaurants are listed under "LAOS".
    Ever since I tried the Lao Lanexang I cannot believe how fantastic this cuisine tastes.  Every time I order Nem Khao  for 6.8€. There is nothing in the world which can beat this dish. Thanks for your site.

  6. You need to start a restaurant in Paris /  Amsterdam / Berlin / Vienna / Milan, Vienne. What about London?

    With all due respect: it is time to expand Lao cook creativity from the outskirts of Europe (Southern Spain) to the more Cosmopolitic cities of Europe.

    Innovative Lao food will absolutely rule in Amsterdam (or The Hague, Rotterdam) I assure you. Great promotion of Laos: Lao food.

    But of course you are happy where you are now, I know 🙂

  7. Hi Padek, yes I agree the pic needs to be updated! That is something that I am working on. 😉

    Yes you are right, I am happy where I am now, but I havent written off the idea!

  8. Hi Ay Vienne,

    Long time no speak. Love what I’m seeing on the site! Always makes me hungry. I actually just came back from Laos and tried my hand at cooking a few dishes! Visited the markets; saw live frogs! And ate deep fried crickets in lime leaves with David! I also was lucky enough to eat at the Kualao Restaurant and had an amazing time in Vang Vieng!!

    Big hello to the A-team!

    Anouck xxx

  9. Hey Ay Vienne,
    I love the food that you guys created there! Makes me hungry just reading everything. I’m in the states, and still trying to learn my mom’s recipe for alot of the traditional Laos dishes. I’m very impress with you guys. Very creative and love the presentation. I love to eat, You wouldn’t believe it if you saw me. Please keep up the great work, where in Spain are you located at? if I’m in the country I would love to drop by.


  10. Sabaidee Chef,

    Truely an honor to find your website and to know there are chefs  around the world striving to introduce Lao Food, let alone it Spain!  I am currently graduating from Culinary School and closing on a restaurant purchase at the same time. Here in Minnesota, we have many thai, lao, vietnamese, chinese restaurants but not upscale and still authentic.   It’s brilliant the way you can give your customers jail mag lane, gai, and kow neiw and still let them eat with their eyes first.  Keep Cooking.

  11. Hola Anouck, Somphone and Sourivan.

    Anouck, Glad that you enjoyed Laos and had a chance to eat some lovely foods.

    Somphone, We are located in the south of Spain in the province of Cádiz.


    Sourivan, Congrats on graduating and hope all goes well with the restaurant purchase (you can say goodbye to free time now) 😉

  12. Sabaidee Vienne,

    I am very proud and surprised to see a Lao chef owning a gastronomic restaurant!
    I am working on a new concept of asian restaurant. My goal is to start a chain. I am looking for chefs with specific knowledge. One for Japanese/Korean kitchen (not only sushi!!) and another one for Thai/Vietnamese kitchen. Don’t you know a chef who would be interested to come to live in Brussels for one year and more?

    I also intend to write a Lao cook book. I have noticed that the people of my generation (second generation of Lao living abroad) could not properly cook Lao food. They do not have a lot of references. It would be worse for the next generation. My children for instance are half ‘falang’. Would you be interested to help me in this project?

    Sok dee,

  13. Hola Odara and thank you for your nice comments. The restaurant is not actually mine! We are based in a Five Star Hotel in Spain.

    I will put the word out about the positions that you have available. Most of my staff are from Laos and Thailand, and we had to get work permits for them to reside in Spain. Have you thought about bringing cooks from abroad, or from the EU?

    If we can help with the book in anyway, we would be glad to do so.

    We wish you the very best success in your efforts.

  14. Hola Vienne, qué tal. Could you give me the address of the restaurant. My husband loves Spain. He goes twice a year. Maybe I can go to say hello in autumn. 

    I can arrange work permits. I just want a chef with the right experience. It does not matter where he comes from.

    For the book, I am busy now with research on the fermentation process of Som (Som Phak, Som Pa, Som Moo, Som Moo Tawn, Sai Kawk -sausage- Som) -I am a scientist so I have a lot of interest for such a matter-. I want to avoid that people make it wrong and get sick! You show on the videos how to make Som. Can you tell me more about the quantity of the ingredients?

    Asta la vista,


  15. Sabaidee Vienne,

    Thank you very much for showing your food to the world.
    It also gives the Lao kitchen a display that it deserves.
    The photo’s and video’s are triggering my appetite 🙂
    Keep up with the good work.
    Kind regards,

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  17. hi it is so nice to see a lao chef, I am also lao living in NJ. I just started cooking more laos food since i had a baby, I would like to show and teach her how to eat and maintain our tradition. I don’t want her to starting eating junk food. I find laos food to be very healthy and tasty. keep up the good work and I can’t wait for your cook book to be available.

  18. Sabaidee Tiffany, and welcome to Laocook.

    Thank you for your nice words. I am glad that you will continue to cook our foods, especially in these times when junk food  a prominent in many peoples diets.

    There is nothing better than a home cooked meal, prepared with love and attention.


  19. Sabaidee Vienne!

    I am out here in San Diego, CA. I love reading your blog. I am not very good at cooking that’s why mom is always around to make lao food. Now that I am reading your blog, I am starting to find interest in cooking more. Thanks for sharing your recipes

    Huk paang,

  20. Hola Monica, and thank you for your kind words.

    I am glad that you are getting some inspiration for cooking!, its a wonderful thing.

    Mothers are great, and my mother always cooks for me when I vist home. After all these years working in a kitchen, I still believe that there is no better food than a home cooked meal! Simply the best! 🙂

  21. Sabaidee and what a food!

    I love to cook and I think every food that belong to someone else (any one) and once the Lao people adopted and become so call “Lao food” is always better, tastier……….hey I am kon Lao and I am for Lao. Great job!  Any how, I was refer to Laocook page through a friend…and voila! there’s YOU!
    I would love to learn more about you and perhaps set up an interview.

    Khob jai and I look forward to hear from you real soon,


  22. Vannasone: Are you the voices on VOA? Wow! I listen to VOA all the time. Keep up the good work.

    Vienne: Your recipes are astonishing. Everytime I come on here, my mouth waters. You’re doing a great job exposing lao food to the world. Keep it up!

  23. Hola Vannasone and Maurice and thank you very much for your kind words.


    It is always inspiring to know that Lao foods are being noticed, little by little, one step at a time…


  24. I am on the opposite side, I am grateful that you are learning different cuisines. However, I am searching for traditional lao (not thai) recipes.

    I would like to learn how to make my own padek, my own geo bong w/ dried shrimp, and kip moo..if only i would have paid attention to my father-in-law. These are things I am so willing to learn.

    P.S.  Did I mention that I am 100% American who speaks pretty good laos, stuck in the middle of Kansas. It would be a great pleasure to someday perhaps meet you.

  25. I love you’re website! It’s so great to see a talented Laotian Chef making Lao food look so good. Thank you so much for showing and sharing your creations for the world to see.
    Thank you

  26. Hi Tammy,

    Learning to make foods from family members is really important, especially as Lao recipes are hardly written down. If I am ever in Kansas or nearby, I will definately let you know!

    Hi Noy,

    Thanks for your kind words, we are extremely happy that you like the site. :biggrin:

    Hi Kai,

    And welcome to Laocook. We have seen your instructional videos online and think that they are great! :biggrin:

  27. sabai dee. how are you? i just wanted to tell you that you are very talented and extraordinary. im about to finish culinary school and always had visions of modernizing lao food because it is one of the most flavorful asian cuisines but doesnt get exposed much. to see you executing it kinda made my dreams come true..hopefully one day i’ll be lucky enough to work for you. 🙂                                                                  take care
                                                                                                                           keep in touch  from Houston,Tx

  28. Hi there,

    Im based in Sydney and this is an amazing site. You really give Laos food the umph it deserves.

    Keep it up!


  29. Hi Thuk Tha and Vatsy, and thanks for your kind comments.
    Thuk Tha, sorry for the late reply, we have been busy in the kitchens. I really hope that you incorporate Lao food in your work after culinary school. The language of cuisine is truly international.
    Vatsy, Sydney is a place that I have always wanted to visit.
    We are glad that you enjoy the site. :biggrin:

  30. Sabaidee, I’m going to try your crunchy grill pork receipe when I have time. I hope it turns out like the pro. I’ve searched through all your archive, and I must say you’re da man for bringing Lao food to the next level. I’ve visited your site often, but this is the first time I post. Keep up the great work and keep posting.

  31. Hi Don, and thanks for the nice comment.

    The best part of a roast or BBQed pork is always the skin! It my favourite part! Actually, any crispy skin is nice, especially chicken. It bothers me sometimes when I see people casting teh skin aside! They dont know what they are missing! :biggrin:

  32. Hello Vienne,

    I enjoy reading your food blog. Very insightful. Where in Spain do you work? I am very interested to visit you at your restaurant!

    Best regards,

  33. Hi Angie,

    We are based in the south, in the province of Cádiz.

    If you are ever in the area, we would be delighted to see you at the restaurant, and maybe share a glass or two of wine after the meal! :biggrin:

  34. Hi Vienne,
    Amazing blog you have here! Would love to visit your restaurant in the near future. My new seafood restaurant will be up this November in Singapore… would love to get hold of Carabineros to try.
    Best regards,
    Ken Loon

  35. hello vienne!
    just discovered your site today when i was googling for lao recipes. its a fabulous! just looking at the pictures and recipes make my mouth water. i cant wait to try them  for myself. as an asian, i can relate to the practice of people asking “Have you eaten yet?” everytime you arrive at their home. great work on the site, will now be checking in regularly.

  36. Hi Ken and Joyce, and thanks for your nice comments.
    Ken, do try to get hold of Carabineros, they are divine! The best part is all that lovely stuff in their huge heads! Yummy!
    Joyce, Welcome to Laocook! Asians are great hosts, my uncles are bakers and I always look forward to some sweet things when I visit them….

  37. Hi Vienne,
    I m a great fan of  South East Asian Food and I do cook myself. Happen to browse some Laotian recipes and came across your website….its just amazing….Asian food is so many forms..truly inspiring..
    Yu Hing
    A budding Chef

  38. Hi Vienne,
    I’m a lao girl and I wanted to congratulate you for your great recipes and your talent.  It’s cool to  make people discover our tasty and original (and excellent! =D ) food culture.
    Lao food is the best! yayyy!!!
    Keep up the great work! Sokdee!

  39. Hola Yu Hing and Manoray and thanks for your kind words.

    I hope that you get many ideas from the site, it means that we must be doing something right! :biggrin:

  40. Sabaidee from Texas!
    Your blogs are incredible and so inspiring! For my upcoming wedding, I don’t want the usual larb, mok anything, thum papaya, etc. I want gourmet Laotian style food with a modern twist and reading your blogs let me know it’s possible! Laotian folks are pretty picky about food, but twisting things around hopefully will shed new light to the traditional blah foods at laotian gatherings.
    You’re super talented! Keep up the great work and best of luck! And if you plan to visit Texas within the next 2 years…I’d love for you to cater at my wedding 🙂


  41. Hi Mia, and congratulations!
    Thanks for the nice comments, I will let you know if I am ever in your “neck of the woods”, if not, why not have your reception in Spain? :biggrin:

  42. Hello Vienne,
    Please spend about 20- min with me for VOA interview. I am still waiting for you to give the Voice of America a chance to cover your success story. I am sure that all of us Lao Diaspora will be thrill and more than happy to listen to your story as well.
    I can’t wait o share your story to many of us around the globe.
    All the best and hak phang,

  43. Hello Vienne,
    I really love your team. They all look happy. By the way, i’m a Thai student. I’m studying in culinary of Dusit Thani College Bangkok. I got a lot of technics and methods of cooking from your site and it’s very helpful for me.
    Thanks for your great site.

  44. Hi, I will be in Vientiane in April on assignment covering the city’s dining options. I’d very much like to include Makphet Restaurant. Is it still in operation? If so, would you send me the address and someone I can contact there?
    Many thanks,
    Dawn DelVecchio, Travel Writer

  45. Sabaidee Vannasone,

    I promise that I will call you in January, as soon as the festivities are over and I have some time to chill….. :biggrin:

  46. Hi Morney, and thanks for your nice words. I have stayed at a few Dusit hotels in Thailand, though never in the one in BKK (I am a Sofitel fan!!).

    However, I do know that they have a Catering School which is well known. If our work gives you inspiration, then we are doing something right!

    We wish you the best success!

  47. Hi Dawn,

    On their business card the address reads:

    Makphet Restaurant, On Sethatirat Road (opposite Wat Inpeng), Vientiane, PDR Lao.

    Its a great place to go and for a really worthy cause. reading their reviews on Tripadvisor also proves it.

    I hope that you have a nice time in Laos, in fact, I am sure that you wil….. :biggrin:

  48. Hi Vienne!

    So wonderful to see very talented Asian chefs!  I was wondering if you all are accepting interns.  If so, what are the requirements?  It would be such an honor to learn from other Asian chefs.  Its about time that South East Asians represent!  🙂

  49. Hi,
    I love your site. Especially your recipes, would you have one for Yum salet? Been trying to figure out how to make teh sauce for that, but I bet you make it better. Can’t wait to see more updates.

    Thanks and keep up the great work.


  50. Hello Vienne
    I happy to hear some news about a talented asian chef in Spain,
    I’m also lao and i lived in Spain during 18 years now, I have a restaurant in Empuriabrava(Girona) If you pass near this area i’ll be happy if you pass by my restaurant.
    The adress of the restaurant: Siam Shiki, Av. Rei Joan Carles I. 14. Empuriabrava(Girona)
    And the phone number : 972452951
    Thanks  keep up the great work you’re doing and I hope to see you around here

  51. Hello Chef Vienne
    I am a Laotion Australian( born to lao parents in Australia.), never have i ever had any interest in cooking but loooove to eat.  Mum has always tried to teach me when i was younger but i always had an excuse to get out of the kitchen.  When i met my husband, my mum questioned him asking him if he was sure he wanted to marry me as i most likely wanted to marry him because of his cooking lol.(my husband was a chef) Anyway i am currently living in Phuket and find lots of ingredients that are very similar to Laos and am having some huge lao food cravings but for the life of me can’t cook it because i never learnt.  I wanted to know if you have a cook book?  My husband and i plan to go to Spain this year so i do hope i can pop by your restaurant as your cuisine looks so divine to eat.  Keep up the great work.

  52. G´day Napha and thanks for your kind comments.

    Sorry but we don’t have a book (wish we did though 🙂 ).

    I am sure that hubby can give you some help in the kitchen! It must be nice living in Phuket, so many wonderful and fascinating ingredients. Australia is one place that I hope to get a chance to visit some day. If you are ever in Spain, I would be delighted to have a few beers with you after Service! :biggrin:

  53. Hola Vath, and thanks for your nice comments.

    I have been several times to Barcelona, next time I am in the area I will try to stop by and have a few drinks with you.

    How did you end up living in Spain for 18 years? I don’t know many Laotians living here (except for my team members and a few Lao people in Malaga).

    I hope that the restaurant business is doing well for you. The name of your restaurant is Thai and Japanese, is that the food that is served there? Do you have Lao staff also?

  54. Hello Vienne
    We do serve that kind of food here Thai and Japanese
    We also have some Lao staff and Thai staff working here
    Take care and See you around

  55. I enjoy your website.  It is so nice to see a talented Lao chef presenting Lao food to everyone in a beautiful plate presentation at an upscale restaurant.   If  I am ever in Spain,  I would definitely like to have dinner there.  Too bad, there isn’t a nice upscale Lao restaurant like that here in the US.   

  56. Sabaidee Ay Vienne!
    I’m so impressed with your culinary talents – it is so nice to see a Lao cook bringing Lao food into the limelight. It’s always Thai food that gets the publicity but I think Lao food tastes better, but hey, I’m Laotian so I guess I’m a little biased. What’s even better is that you’re at a top notch hotel, preparing our foods for visitors from around the globe. I’m definitely bookmarking your site and will visit it often to get new inspirations. Maybe one day, I will see you on Food Network International!!! 🙂
    I love to cook and incorporate my mom’s methods (no measuring of any kind…she says “taste your food and you’ll know what needs to be added.”). I’m married to an American man and his taste buds have definitely acquired a taste for Lao foods! Now that my mother is older and not in the best health, I’m glad I kept pestering her to teach me to cook. I want to pass our heritage on to my children.
    Maybe one day, I will have the privilege to visit you and learn from a professional Lao chef! Please keep up the wonderful work and I just think it’s awesome that you write people back. You have a lot of boun for sure!
    If you are ever in the Orlando area, let us know!!!
    Take care and may you continue to have much success, love and happiness.
    La Gone and Kop Jai Lai Lai,
    Po (Touy)

  57. Hola Po, and thanks for your lovely comments.
    I am sorry that I havent replied sooner, I have been busy and seem to be running around most of the time.
    Its great that your Hubby is getting the taste for Lao food!
    Its true that most of the limelight from our regional cuisine is based Thai food and products, however I feel that Lao foods are starting to be recognised, and many more dishes are featuring on menus.
    I know many Thai restaurants that employ Lao or Isaan cooks, and there are always Lao dishes on the menu in some form or another.
    Recipes from our elders are usually taught by sight and taste, “Just add enough Fish Sauce until it is salty enough….but not too salty….”.
    I have been to FL and spent some time in the Keys and Fort Lauderdale, if I am in your “neck of the woods” in the future, I will surely drop by and we can enjoy a nice cold beer.
    Thinking about Beer, I think I´ll have one now….
    Cheers to you! :biggrin:

  58. Hi Vienne

    I have finish reading all your recepies they have been very helpfull. I have some idea now about how I m going to do my degustation on the 7th october. I will try to take as much pictures as I can and send them after to you. This weekend I m contacting Loatians in Argentina, so that way I can try to give the more authectic true to my dishes and I will try to give my customers a full idea of your traditions. We will keep in touch
    Kind Regards
    From Argentina

  59. Hello Ay Vienne,
    Thanks for your response! Wow! I feel special now. I was wondering if you know or have the recipe for making nam wan or lod chong nam ka ti. I have scoured the Internet but the recipe I found doesn’t make sense. I know you have to use lime paste to get the flour to harden but the directions are hard to follow. If you know how to make this dessert, I would greatly appreciate the recipe, with detailed directions! This is one of my favorite desserts but my mom doesn’t make it and I can’t get anyone to tell/show me how. 😦
    Thanks in advance!
    Po (Touy) from Orlando, FL 🙂

  60. I am American that married a French (mother is originally Czech and father originally Laotian).  I love the Laotian dishes my father-in-law cooks.  So, I decided to try to cook some myself.  I know how to make sticky rice but other than that it is all invention on my part.  Thank you for this website and I look forward to trying real Laotian recipes.
    BTW, it is true about food surrounding all social interaction in Laos.  I used to get so upset when my father-in-law would constantly ask what my kids had eaten thinking he wanted to be sure I fed them well.  Now, I understand it is because of his culture.  I learned this a few years ago and it really made me see from his eyes which important.

  61. Hi Tracy!
    I am so glad that you enjoy Laotian foods and especially the Sticky Rice. Yes, the Lao are foodlovers and every social event revolves around food and drink. I cannot imagine it being any other way!
    I get asked “if I have eaten” by about every member of the Lao household that I am visiting. On one trip through Paris a few years ago, I decided to drop in and say hello to three different families before returning to Spain, and yes, you guessed it, I had to eat three meals, one in each house!
    I love Lao hospitality!

  62. sigues siendo el mejor me alegro que todo te vaya tan bien eres un maestro de maestros nada que envidiar a los grandes chef,felicidades por tu casamiento y ha ver si me paso a verte por el fairplay .cocinera de la fabrica de luz .un placer y honor haber trabajado contigo .besos

  63. Sabei dee…
    Great work! I just came across your site from Lao Voices…Great to see a Loatian Chef.
    Just notice we are the same age, 1972..I was also born in Vientiane..but I’m half Viet..moved here to Chicago area (U.S.) since ’82…
    Anyways, I was looking a recipe for som pa…pickle fish and of course Lao style. Do you know of any?
    Van (Lao nickname Aer)

  64. Great! exactly what I was looking for..
    Thanks again…
    If you are ever in Chicago area stop by for dinner……

  65. I love your website! Thanks for sharing. I learned how to make Som Mu Ton from you and it turned out great. :o) Keep up the great work!

    Thepmala S. of Phoenix, AZ 🙂

  66. Hi Vienne
    i really enjoy reading your blog. i am working with Friends-International and helped setting up Makphet restaurant in Vientiane.we just finished our cook book which showcases dishes from all over Laos.
    our students, cooking teacher and i traveled all over Laos and found the most stunning recipes.
    i am a chef myself and really love Lao cuisine.
    i woulds love to send you a copy of the book and see what you think. the book launch is June 2 at makphet. if you are in town??
    take care and keep on writing

  67. Hello Gustav and thank for your kind comments.

    I am really happy that Makphet are releasing a cookbook. It must have been an adventure travelling around Laos collecting recipes!! What a dream!

    I cannot be in VTE for the launch, however I will definately visit the restaurant the next time I am in Laos.

  68. Hello chef Vienne, 

    Your blog is amazing! I love your how you tell your stories and give us such great visuals with the beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing your culinary creations and perspective with all of us. Your creations are visually stunning! I can see how much passion you have for Laos cuisine. 

    I am a culinary school graduate with kitchen experience in New York. I am extremely interested in the internship program. Does the internship program accepts US/Thai citizen? If so, please send me information regarding the internship, I would appreciate it . 

    My goal is to meet you and experience your culinary creations one day chef Vienne. Either dinning as guest on a visit or be behind the scene in the kitchen where the magic takes place. =) Hopefully it will happen. 


  69. Chef,

    Just watched an episode of Gordon Ramsey Great Escape in Cambodia. Saw some of those little 3,4,5 year old street kids. Got me thinking, is there an organization back in Laos that would be similar to Feed The Children in Laos that I could donate?

    Thanks and keep up the great blog.

  70. Sabay dee Chef  Vienne,

    Antes que nada, felicitaciones por la valentía de experimentar y crear nuevas delicias a partir de los platos tradicionales de Laos! 
    Me preguntaba si eres parte de los laosianos que llego a España a comienzos de la década del 80?

  71. Hi, Chef Vienne,

    Foremost thanks for keeping up with this wonder blog… Love it!
    With that said do you know I can get a copy of From honeybees to pepperwood, I am located in Madison, WI USA.. and recommendation? It is not on Amazon.  Thoughts? 


  72. Hola Ly, y gracias por tus comentarios.

    Yo llegué a España en 1999 y el resto del equipo en 2005. No tenía ni idea que había otros Laosianos en España, conozco ahora algunos en Madrid pero en ningújn otro sitio.

  73.  Gracias por el dato pero yo tampoco sabia que habia laosianos en España pues escribo desde Argentina! De todas formas, es bueno tener noticias desde el otro lado del Atlántico!

    Saludos y muchos éxitos! 

  74. Hello Chef Senathit,

    I came across your blog not too long ago, and being a Laotian-Canadian, I had to show my mom and my aunts, how you interpret and express traditional Laotian cuisine in a modern context.

    I frequent your site often and I’m always amazed at how you execute your dishes.

    I was wondering if you had an email that I may contact you at so that I may officially inquire about a potential internship. I’ve read throughout your blog that many individuals have asked, and I was hoping for a chance to learn from you as well.

    Aphisith Phongsavanh

  75. Dear Chef Vienne,

    My name is Bobby Pradachith and I’m currently a culinary student at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. I am a Laotian-American and both of my parents are from Laos. Right now, my parents own a Laos-Thai restaurant in Falls Church, Virginia; my mom, who is the head chef has brought out the idea of Laotian Cuisine to everyone around the area and she has gotten many recognition and reviews from Washington Post, Zagat.com, Yelp, and Washingtonian Magazine. When I graduate from the Culinary Institute of America in 3 1/2 years, I planned on taking over my family’s restaurant and make it more modern and fine dining because I want to bring Laotian Cuisine on the map. I want to bring a concept that could impress many consumers and foodies around the world. My mom was the one who told me about you and wanted me to check out your background. As I have been looking at your website and facebook, I have been fascinated by your skill and creativeness that you have changed in many traditional Laotian dishes. Your type of style is the style that I want to pursue and want to build upon in my culinary journey. For my assignment at the Culinary Institute of America, I have to do a “Externship” Program, which requires that I spend 18 weeks in a professional culinary kitchen and I have do many tasks for the assignment. Some of the tasks consisted of weekly journals, menu costing, recipe costing, picture taking, and many more. My “Externship” start from March 2012 to August 2012. The reason why I’m telling you this information is because I want to ask you if you would accept me to do my “Externship” as a line/prep chef at your restaurant in Spain. If you can give me your email or other contacts, I would like to send you my resume. Thank you chef for your time and convenience and I hope to keep in touch soon.

    -Bobby Pradachith 

  76. Hey chef! I graduated from culinary school 2 years ago. I’m lao, and I also studied in Spain! I love this site, if I could get an email from you that would be great! I need some advice!

  77. Pingback: What is Lao food? Part 2 - Padaek

  78. Sa bi dee,
    I am half lao tian and american. My father taught me to cook some but we don’t see each other often so i search the Web to learn more. I want to learn real authentic lao dishes. One thing i am having an issue with is my sticky rice. It does not taste the same as my dad makes it or even when i get it from temple. I use three elephants brand. And soak it for atleast 6 hrs. And use steam basket. But it doesn’t have the right flavor. Can you tell me if i am using the wrong kind of steam basket or is it maybe because where i live, we use well water. I have to filter my water. Could this be the issue? I can’t describe the taste but it’s not as fragrant or sweet i guess u could say. Please let me know what you think.

  79. hi, are you guys still doing the internship program? also are you aware of any work opportunities in your area not specific to culinary but perhaps business (MBA grad).

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