The End, El Fin, Die Ende, Fin

There was a time when was updated on an almost regular basis. Sadly those days seem long gone. Once upon a time, there were things to write about, photos to take and videos to be filmed. I feel that I have neglected the site as work commitments and “real life” got in the way of sitting down and updating the site.

Also, the team that I had brought with me from Laos and Thailand have all moved on to pastures new. The Grand Hotel Resort that brought all of us together has sadly closed its doors, and the team slowly moved on to different places, some back “home”, others to different restaurants in Spain.

My journey took me to Milan then back to Spain and I now have a path that leads to London, the city that I grew up in.

Thai&Lao is a new project that I am working on, its a family run business that was formally known as Thai and Lao Street Food. It´s situated in trendy Shoreditch. Slowly I will implement changes and bring more Lao dishes for Londoners to enjoy.

It´s a far cry from the 300m² kitchens that I am used to, but it allows me to get back to basics and serve mum and aunty´s dishes for people to enjoy without the expectation or artsy-fartsiness of a 5 star hotel dining room.

I will be restarting my twitter field #laocook which will show the same tweets as my new one called #thaiandlao, the Laocook Facebook page will also continue, as well as a new ThaiandLao page, so for those of you who would like to keep up with me, you can do so there. I also have an Instagram for ThaiandLao too. will not be updated anymore, but I will keep the site going because I believe that there are interesting articles, recipes and comments that need preserving.

So its goodbye from me, I hope you have enjoyed this journey as much as I have.

Sok Dee Der!





Spiced Rice Salad by King Cook Daily

Former Laocook chef and my younger brother kicks of his youtube channel with an entry for “Jamie Oliver’s search for a Food Tube Star with Uncle Ben’s Competition”.

King Cook Daily

It´s a Nhem Khao inspired recipe which King describes as “Rice, with rice, on rice”.

The full recipe can be found on youtube under the videos description.

My Move. Checkmate!

There is a Beach Club called Ajedrez situated on the outskirts of Chipiona, nestled on the fine sands of the Tres Piedras Beach. Sounds lovely eh?

Why do I mention this? Well, it´s where I am going to be based from July until the end of the summer.

Casa del Mar (2)

Ajedrez Beach Club (Spanish for “Chess” and pronounced “ah-hay-dreth“), serves freshly caught seafood and other Spanish delicacies throughout the day.

Casa del Mar (3)

Clear blue sky, clear blue sea!

Casa del Mar (4)

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A Party with Beerlao

London is cold for one moment, then wet, then warm, then wet and cold, sunny and dry then cold again. You can experience all the seasons in one day!

Its been great being back in the city that I grew up in, and its great being able to catch up with friends and family that I havent seen for a long time.

My brother King’s place (Thai & Lao Street Food) at The Boxpark in Shoreditch is doing pretty well. As the name suggest King and Laurene serve Street Food, just like you would find “back home”, all cooked to order! Yummy!

Former Laocook Girl and singer-songwriter Anouck will be performing an acoustic set there this Sunday 4th November, and we have teamed up with those nice guys at Beerlao UK to sponsor the event. That means free beers!
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Competition 8

Three main ingredients.

  • Squid
  • Shallots
  • Rice


What can you come up with?

That was the question that I asked my cooks for the “Concurso 8” (8th Competition).

Every now and again, I like to arrange an internal cooking competition, where any of my cooks can enter. The rules are simple, they have to come up with a dish that uses the three main ingredients, they can also use other ingredients, but the three main ingredients have to be prominent.

They need to present three dishes for a judging panel of 6. They are awarded a maximum of 50 points from each judge, 25 for the use and originality of the main ingredients, and 25 points for the presentation and gastronomic value (taste) of the dish.

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What´s Going On?

Firstly, a belated Happy Lao New Year to everyone!

Things have been pretty hectic around here lately, so many things to do, with so little time to do them in! However, the team and I did find time to enjoy a New Year Party and invited the rest of the hotel staff to join in too! (Crazy night!)

In the kitchens I have been working on a new menu and some new dishes. With the restaurant being fully booked every evening, its been a long and hard month, but the team and I are pleased with the results!

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Goi Pa, Laotian Fish Salad

Goi Pa. A Laotian ceviche of some sort? Or is ceviche a South American version of Goi Pa?

Who cares? Its yummy :biggrin: and easy to make!

Like many Laotian salads or “Larbs”, Goi Pa is raw, or almost raw, cured and briefly marinated, it must be served as soon as its made.

You need fresh fish, I find white fish is the best for this dish, but you could use salmon or tuna, it really doesn’t matter, as long as the fish is fresh.

There are different ways to prepare this dish, this is my way. The fish is ever so briefly heated, glazed in its own juices actually, this gives it a wonderful texture, semi raw if you like. You have to try it to appreciate it.
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Classes and Charity

I cannot believe that we have almost reached the end of May! Wow, how time flies! Almost half the year gone already!

During the spring, the team and I have been busy in the kitchen preparing food for gala dinners, weddings and other big events. There is never a dull moment!



Many diners got the chance to sample my Nhem as an amuse bouche, I even added slices of Som Moo, just like “at home”.

Another traditional classic, Larb Gai has also been served up, this time I added quinoa to the recipe. The texture is almost rice-like and it absorbs and compliments the flavour of the chicken salad. It looks like I´ll be serving more of this pretty soon.

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