October 16 Update

My Chilli plants (read mini-farm ) have been going crazy over the past few weeks. Gleaming Green Chillies which adorn the plants magically seem to turn in to Bright Red Fruits at a blink of an eye. Some of you may wonder why I am fussing over the plants, and the sole reason is because Fresh Chillies are almost impossible to buy here (so I grew my own). Not only do the plants supply the Restaurant, they also supply the A-Team with their “fix”.


The Chillies originated from some fruits that I got from London last year, I started growing them “just to see if I could”. Now I am glad that I did.

During Darly´s visit in August she was kind enough to give us some seeds, she gave the majority to the care of the A-Team (they have a bigger garden). The ones that she gave me I started in mid-September.

chilli plants

I am glad to say that they have started to grow. Above we have a mixture of various Chillies, that I hope will grow tall and strong.

Not to be outdone by the Chillies, her Papaya (which we never see here) have started too!!

papaya plant

It would be fantastic if they would bare some fruit!.


Meanwhile, back in the kitchens…

We adore “Ho-Fun”, flat white flour noodles. We have made them before, but find them time consuming.

We have made Squid Udon Noodles before, by slicing squid to resemble the Udon threads, so we thought we would do the same with “Ho-Fun”.

We used Cuttlefish, which is larger than Squid. Quickly blanched and given an Ice Bath makes them easier to handle. Cut thinly to resemble “Ho-Fun”, we seasoned them with a Tangy Dark Orange and Lime Sauce.

Squid Ho Fun

They really do look and have the same texture as noodles.

We serve the “Noodles” with Mini Green Tea Chips.


One of our most adventurous dishes this past week has been the “Tamarind Dragon”.

Sea Bass Dragon

It was inspired by our Seabass with Tamarind Sauce. This time the fish is filleted, the fillets are then seasoned and rolled before being deep fried. The body is also fried, with the mouth of the fish kept open, when golden brown the fish carcass resembles an angry Dragon.


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