The Table Has Turned

On my Facebook page, under “information” it reads, “A Lao cook in Spain! Ole!”.

What if I told you that I stumbled upon a “Spanish cook in Laos! Ole!”.

Pimentón Restaurant is based in Vientiane. Browsing through their Facebook page I can clearly see that they are offering a very good range of tapas and other dishes. From their photos apparently it´s not only a Spanish restaurant, it´s also a Steakhouse that has an open grill, so you can see and smell your choice meats being cooked! Just the way I like it!

But back to the tapas.

TapasTapas menu from the Pimentón Facebook page

I am pleasantly shocked that you can now get these ingredients in Laos. The last time I visited Vientiane was in 2007, and I don´t recall seeing such an international dining scene then, okay, I confess to seeing an Italian, French and Indian restaurant. But you know what I mean.

Looking at their black board, you would think that the photo was taken in a local bar here in Andalucia, until you see that the prices are in Lao Kip!

WindowCured Meats from the Pimentón Facebook page

A further surprise was the photo of their cured meats! Ole! You can now get Chorizo, Salchichón, Caña de Lomo and even Jamón in Laos!

Jamón de Bellota is the one of the top if not the best Spanish Cured Ham, it´s even difficult to find in the USA, but now its available in Vientiane!

It´s evident that they specially import their produce. That´s a sign of dedication for you! I have noticed that they even have Manchego Cheese and wines from Rioja!

It would be really interesting to see the current food scene in Vientiane, maybe I should start saving my €s for another trip “back home”.

For more information just browse to their Facebook page.





2 thoughts on “The Table Has Turned

  1. “, I confess to seeing an Italian, French and Indian restaurant. But you know what I mean. ”

    Not at all, I don’t know what you mean…
    In 2007, there were already many international restaurant such as French, Italian, Indian, Japanese, German, Swiss, Belgian…etc.
    At that time, one of the best French restaurant in town(le Nadao) was managed by a talented Lao chef and another one by French canadians (le Silapa).
    Yes, you really need a trip “back home” to see how this city has changed & improved.
    Regarding Pimenton, it’s a good table and also a relaxing place run by a fantastic couple, Serge & Regina.

  2. Thanks Philippe,

    I agree that I need another trip to VTE, many friends that have been there keep telling how much it has changed.

    Hopefully in 2015 I´ll be able to make that wish come true.


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