My Move. Checkmate!

There is a Beach Club called Ajedrez situated on the outskirts of Chipiona, nestled on the fine sands of the Tres Piedras Beach. Sounds lovely eh?

Why do I mention this? Well, it´s where I am going to be based from July until the end of the summer.

Casa del Mar (2)

Ajedrez Beach Club (Spanish for “Chess” and pronounced “ah-hay-dreth“), serves freshly caught seafood and other Spanish delicacies throughout the day.

Casa del Mar (3)

Clear blue sky, clear blue sea!

Casa del Mar (4)

During the evening as the sun sets over the Atlantic Ocean, the Beach Club transforms, as well as the kitchen and menu.

Casa del Mar (5)

Casa del Mar (6)

The cosy dining room will be illuminated by handcrafted lamps, ambient music will play in the background and my new menu will be served.

Casa del Mar (7)

Casa del Mar (8)

The actual menu is still being planned, but some favourites will definitely make an appearance! With just over a month to go, my head is spinning with ideas!


Goong Che Nam Pa or Laotian Prawn Carpaccio will certainly feature.

Dtom Khem Ravioli

Dtom Khem Ravioli will get a makeover and I will use Lobster instead of Pork, an idea that came to mind during my time in Milan.


Goi Pa, a personal favourite of mine will appear, it would be hard not to have it on the menu, especially when the fish is so fresh!

My initial idea is to present a small menu that frequently changes, always using the best ingredients available. The kitchen is much smaller than the kitchens at the hotel in Benalup and at the unit in Milan, and it doesn’t have all the high-tech gadgets that I am used to, but that wont stop me from doing what I do, there is always a solution!

I have enjoyed my time in Italy, and have learned a lot and made some new friends. I am also looking forward to retuning to Spain and to the town where I first started my Iberian adventure. Chipiona.

Ajedrez Beach Club

Calle Miramar, 1

Playa Tres Piedras

11550 Chipiona, (Cádiz)



5 thoughts on “My Move. Checkmate!

  1. Sabai dee! I’m visiting Andalucia from Amsterdam (though my origins are really from Savannakhet/California) and was hoping to visit the restaurant where you’re based. I was trying to find the address but it seems you’ve moved to Italy? I am traveling through Andalucia (Granada, Cordoba, Ronda, Nerje, Arcos de la Frontera, Seville…) and was hoping to get a taste of your cooking if it’s located in the cities where I’ll be traveling. Please let me know where you’re situated if you’re still in fact in Andalucia.

    Thanks and looking forward to your reply! BTW, I’m friends with Darly :).


  2. Hi there!,

    I will be returning to Spain, Andalucia on the 12th July and will be based in Chipiona, in the region of Cadiz.

    Some of the places on your itinerary are really wonderful places to visit, I am sure that you will have a nice time!

    You will definitely love Arcos de la Frontera and Ronda, which is one of my favourite places to visit, be sure to check out Restaurante Santa Pola and the trendy tapas bar Tragatapas!

    Arcos is not far from Jerez de la Frontera, one of the homes of Sherry!

    Sevilla is awesome, especially the Barrio Santa Cruz area.

    Some of my ex-cooks work in Nerja at the Lansang Restaurant which serves Lao and Thai food.

    If you are in my neighborhood, let me know!

    Happy travels!

  3. Vienne,

    I know you’re in Spain doing the Spanish cuisine thing, but do you also prepare any Laotian dishes? A buddy of mine (he’s Laotian) and me (I’m not) are looking at checking out the restaurant. We’re right next door in Rota.


  4. Hola Roland,

    The menu at the beach club during the evening is Asiatic and also includes Sushi. The main courses are influenced by Lao and Thai dishes. There is quite a good choice of different dishes, however if there is something in particular that you want, and if we can, we would be pleased to prepare it.


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