Having left my job at the hotel I am now working in Milan, Italy.

It was sad to say goodbye to my team, not just the Lao and Thai cooks, but everyone concerned with the restaurants at the resort.

In Italy I am in charge of the Asiatic Kitchen that supplies meals for First Class and Business Class passengers on flights departing from Milan and arriving in Asia. It is a complete change from a 5 Star Hotel kitchen and restaurant!

However, I must say that it is nice to only work during the day and have the evenings free, and the added bonus of having 2 days off in a row!

I do travel back to Spain once every 5 to 6 weeks though, so at least I still get to see my wife and friends!

Due to the nature of my work (and a confidentiality agreement!) I will not be able to take photos of my work in the kitchen.

So for the time being, future posts will be more about home cooking and what I can conjure up in the confines of my apartment!

Ciao for now!



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