Beerlao, Serve Chilled

The 4th of November was cold! The day started off wet, but by late morning it was dry, but still cold!!

Anyway, that didn’t put us off!

Beerlao UK kindly gave us 5 cases as part of their sponsorship of the event, Thai & Lao Street Food bought a further 5 cases too!

That meant a staggering 240 bottles to party with! :biggrin:

Family and friends came by to help us set up. Not even the cold or wind was going to stop this from being a great day!

There were banners, flags and beermats all over the place!

Quality Control Time. All good! ­čÖé

Shortly before noon, Anouck arrived with Itchy Teeth.

I had seen Itchy Teeth perform at the Camden Proud a few nights before and was looking forward to seeing them perform again.

They definitely got the place rocking!

Itchy Teeth were not the only thing rocking that afternoon. Our Papaya Salad stand was also “doing it”. ­čÖé

Yep! That┬┤s real Padek in the tall jar! There was also two types of Jeow Bong available, Hot and Very Hot!

As with all the dishes at Thai and Lao Street Food, everything is made to order.

It┬┤s well worth the wait! Especially when you have an acoustic gig going on!

Anouck gave us a wonderful set of her old and new music, which she wrote herself.

After the gig, it was time to really warm up with some hot food!

After the gig, everyone was tired, but that didn’t stop us from continuing the party until the late hours, with a few beers… :biggrin:


One thought on “Beerlao, Serve Chilled

  1. Sabaidi.
    Came across your site while searching to learn more about Lao cooking. We are an organic coffee farm in Lao that is preparing to open up Bolaven Cafes in HK, featuring Indochinese menu. It was pleasing to read of your success in promoting Lao culture through the food that we enjoy. Bless you with more power in all that you do.
    I look forward to learning through your blog and recipe site and do our part here in HK as the extension of what you do with Lao cuisine.

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