Back soon!



Sorry that it has been a while since the last update. This past month or so has seen the entire hotel exclusively booked by a major car group for their launch of two new models. During this time the restaurant has been serving various dishes for international motor journalist, and the restaurant has been closed to the public.

During the past month I haven´t been able to update, maintain or reply to posts on the site, once again I apologise.

Now that the event is over, its back to “business as usual” as well as work on a new menu.

Expect some new posts soon! :biggrin:



4 thoughts on “Back soon!

  1. Hi Vienne,

           I am surprised that I never knew about your website until now. I have been cooking for about 10 years now. I have finally decided to go back to my roots and bring Laotion food to the top of my menu. What you are doing has inspired me to continue to obtain my goal of having an upscale Lation restaurant here in the U.S.

            I am very pleased to have found this site with the recipes. My mother and grandmother make it rather difficult at times to understand how some dishes are made. Are there any dishes you find being the most popular gateway into Lation food? I would like to introduce our Laotion food to my non-Laotion friends without scaring them away first. Thank you for your time. I love the website!!!


  2. Hola Toney, and welcome to Laocook and thanks for your comments.

    It is great that you have been inspired, shows that we are doing something right at least!

    All the Spanish staff in our kitchens and restaurant seem to love Sticky Rice and any Larb dish we make (especially Nham Dtok).

    It really depends on what type of foodies your friends are. I know some people who won´t eat prawns if they are served with the head attached!

    Luckily the majority of my friends are open minded about food, though I would hesitate to offer them beef tripe stew or raw bitter larb using the bile! (though I adore it!). I would hold off too on any food that is over spicy, so often I tell my cooks not to put too much chillies in the staff food!

  3. Vienne,
    Thank you for replying. My friends are very closed minded. I figure if I can develop a menu that can get them to open their minds, I can have a successful restaurant.  I agree that sticky rice(Laotion Rice) everyone seems to love it.  I hope to achieve your caliber of culinary skills one day. Please keep posting as I am PROUD to see a fellow Laotion bring our culture out into the world.

  4. Hello Toney,

    Don´t worry, Laotian Rice is always a winner. :biggrin:

    A lot of our foods are pretty strong on the palate. Lao people like to have prominent sensations such as sourness and spiciness in their dishes. We have to tone this sensation down a little for our diners, unless they ask for something “authentic”. You could introduce your friends to some nice dips such as Tomato Chutney and some nice roasted marinated chicken. “Ping Gai” has been on my menu for quite a while now, which proves that I must be doing something right. !

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