Clear Tomato Soup Recipe

I have often posted about (and get emails about) our chilled Clear Tomato Soup which we use as an “amuse bouche”.

When the dish is first presented on the table as “Chilled Tomato Soup”, there are glances of bewilderment on our guests faces, these glances of confusion soon turn to surprised acknowledgment when the summery taste of garden tomatoes hits the palate.



This is really a simple, yet flavour packed recipe.


Laocook Clear Tomato Soup


Ripe Tomatoes. We often use Cherry Tomatoes too, which results is a clearer finished product. The type of tomatoes is up to you, (Tomatoes on Vine are a good choice) 3kg´s will normally give you just under 1½ litres of soup.


Laocook Clear Tomato Soup (1)


A bunch of fresh Basil. You could also use Coriander, but the flavour of Basil and Tomatoes is one of the oldest culinary partnerships.



Laocook Clear Tomato Soup (2)


Icing Sugar and Salt. You will need about 35g of Icing Sugar and 7 g of Salt per KG of Tomatoes (a little less if using Cherry Tomatoes).

That’s it for the ingredients. I told you that it was an easy recipe! :biggrin:


If using whole tomatoes, cut them in to manageable sizes. Roughly chop the Basil.

Place the Tomatoes, Basil, Icing Sugar and Salt in to a blander and blend for only a few seconds.  Make sure that you do not “over-blend”, you want it to be a little coarse, not pulp.

Most likely you will need to do this is batches.


Laocook Clear Tomato Soup (3)


Taste and adjust the seasoning if necessary.

Place all the ingredients in to piece of muslin or cheesecloth, we use Superbags, and suspend in the fridge over a container to collect the extract.


Laocook Clear Tomato Soup (4)


The first few drops (about 50ml) will be red coloured, discard this extract.

Leave suspended for about 6 hours or better still, over night.


Laocook Clear Tomato Soup (5)


The weight of the ingredients and gravity will do the rest of the work. Try to resist squeezing the bag, this may taint the colour of the soup.


Laocook Clear Tomato Soup (6)


When the drops have stopped, discard the remaining mixture and keep the liquid chilled until ready to serve.

That´s it! The easiest (though not quickest) soup in the world! :biggrin:

Just watch your friends faces when they taste the soup! 😎




18 thoughts on “Clear Tomato Soup Recipe

  1. Hi there ,

    I am a happy reader of your wonderful blog & fan of your cooking …
    Today is Sunday , i live up on a hill in Provence and Have Wonderful Tomatoes & fresh Basil…
    Today i was going to make Tomatoe Soup and guess what ?
    Your recipe surprised me so that Iam going to wait till tomorrow to get that White Tomatoe soup of yours ….
    but guess what i have some freshly made Press Porc Belly to eat …and i know my recipe is very like yours (i am a great Laotian food lover and learned from old friends)
    Hope to see you on my Own food blog someday…
    I work as a food Writer , Consul & Stylist in real life…


  2. Hi Garance and thanks for your comment. It has been (and still is) a very busy time in the kitchen, so I apologise for the late reply.

    Did you try the Tomato Soup recipe? What did you think?

    I love the photos on your site, wish I could take so nice and clear pics! I still ahve to get to grips with my camera, which all I do is set on Automatic and click away…..

    I am glad that you like Lao foods, you must have had a good friend!

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  5. This looks wonderful. I am so excited to try it and will be making it next time friends are coming for dinner. But What do you do with all that pulp?  I can justify tossing it because it seems wasteful.

  6. Hola Becky,

    The pulp can be used for many things! It will be a little sweet, but it can be used as toppings for hot toasts, pizzas etc… you just need to off balance the sweetness. I hope that your friends enjoy it!

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  8. Hi There!
    Am dying to try this – it would be perfect in shot glasses but I was wondering if it might be served hot?

  9. Hi Gabbi,

    Yes you can serve it warm, just be sure to heat it slowly and not let it boil. I hope you enjoy it!

  10. Hola Michael,

    I have never tried it with canned tomatoes, though I think the taste will be far superior when using ripe fresh tomatoes.

  11. Hi I was wanting to make this soup for the guests on our boat and wondered how much it made , i was wanting to use it as a starter for 4 people ? also how long will it keep in the fridge .
    thanks for the great recipes

  12. Hi Bridget,

    If you use the 3kgs of tomatoes, you should end up with around 1350ml, which is more than enough for 4 people.

    The longest time I have kept it in the fridge when making it at home is three days and the taste is the same, I have never had the opportunity to keep it longer.


  13. thanks for your reply am making it now will let you know how it turns out , although will have to let it strain out of the fridge as being the beginning of charter the fridge is jammed packed

  14. hi
    thanks was amazing the guests loved it , will make it again for sure , only problem is it is hard to have enough space in the fridge , but was so worth it !!

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