Bedroom Singer

You may have noticed that the site hasn’t been updated in a while. :ermm: Thats because we have been busy in the restaurant (and partying after hours…..! :biggrin: ).

We are not the only ones who have been busy.

Former Laocook Girl Anouck is back and engrossed with writing and performing her new songs.


Anouck 2009


Currently she is traveling around the beautiful parts of Europe. :biggrin:

Her official website will be up soon, and in the meantime Anouck has had some new photos taken which have been posted on her Bedroom Singer myspace page, where you can also listen to two of her new tracks.


Anouck 2009 (3)



Anouck 2009 (2)


Anouck 2009 (1)


We hope that Anouck will have time to visit Spain during her travels, and we look forward to partying again with her. :biggrin:



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