We Have Snails & Foie Gras Macarons

Walking around town you cannot help but notice the hand drawn signs chalked on blackboards proclaiming “Hay Caracoles!”, (We Have Snails, or Snails Available) there is usually a cute drawing of a snail accompanying the wording.

As you may have guessed, Caracoles are small Spanish snails that are in season now, and every Tapas Bar has their own recipe.

Drive through the countryside and you can see people collecting the snails from plants and tree trunks. If you don’t fancy stopping to pick your own snails, you can easily buy them from vendors at round-abouts offering them by the 5kg bag.

Housewives prepare these snails by the pot load and they are shared and distributed to family, friends and neighbours. The snails are first purged for a few days before being cooked in a broth with herbs and spices.

To eat them, all you have to do grip the head of the snail (with your teeth) and pull it out of its shell (its okay to slurp if you must :biggrin: ). The highly flavoured broth can be enjoyed at the same time or served apart.

Such was the abundance of Caracoles we decided to have some fun and serve them in our own way. :happy:


Snail 1

“Escape to Freedom”.


Our presentation of Caracoles kindly prepared for us by Ani, one of our cleaning ladies (whose recipe will follow her to the grave….. :getlost: )


Snail 2


The snails are served with a salad of mixed leaves (what else!).


Snail 3


The hot broth is served in a separate shot glass.


Snail 4


The hardest part is the balancing of the snails on the chopsticks. After a few trials we decided to stick them with a very small dab of glucose syrup, that way they didn’t fall off on the way to the table!


Macarons are mostly found in French patisseries or fancy restaurants. They are undeniably lovely.

The shells are made with almond powder, sugar and egg whites. After being baked they become crispy and very light. Various fillings can be used and are sandwiched between the shells.

Most of us think of Macarons as sweet things, to be enjoyed as a snack or to finish a meal with other Petit fours.

My version is a savoury one, to be enjoyed as an Amuse Bouche before the meal.


Foie Macaron 1

Foie Gras, Praline and Tamarind Macaron.


A medley of Saltiness and a tangy Sweetness all in one bite. The texture is chewy but not sticky.


Foie Macaron 2


Savoury Macarons are fast becoming a favourite amongst the Laocooks and further fillings are in the works which include Chillies and Lime (a Hot and Sour version) and also Coconut and Red Curry (Spicy and Sweet).

Eventually we will serve all three together. A kind of party for the taste buds…. :biggrin:




8 thoughts on “We Have Snails & Foie Gras Macarons

  1. Hi Aï Vienne,

    Great idea the savory macarons! Will definitely try to make some once my kitchenaid arrive…still reading your culinary adventures with pleasure while working on mine, keep up the creative work!


  2. Hola CountessCupcake and Lily, and thanks for your kind comments.

    CountessCupcake, are you Lao? I notice on your site that you bake, i hope that business is doing well, everyone loves sweet things :biggrin:

    Lily, It is always nice to hear from you, hope all is well and that you are enjoying yourself in France.

    The weather here is seriously hot, lots of time for beers and tapas.

    Take care..

  3. are the snails eaten raw? they look like they’re still alive. even the ones in the cup. my mom makes larb tao with snails (cooked). one of my favorite ways of eating snails. she also puts them in gang naw mai.

  4. Hi Chad,
    The snails are cooked and only best looking ones were used in the photo :biggrin:
    I have never had snails in Lao food before….something that I would like to look in to….

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