Something Green

Something Green. Its not Envy, or The Incredible Hulk…… :silly:




Its an individual steamed Pandan Sponge cake. Pandan juice has an amazing aroma, an almost sweet buttery note.

The Juice or Extract we use is natural and obtained by blitzing fresh Pandan leaves in a blender and extracting the (small amount) of liquid. This liquid can then be diluted or frozen as is.

For our steamed cakes we only used a small amount of juice, and still the aroma was very present. We avoided adding any food colouring that some recipes ask for. :blink:




Though the colour is not as intense as some commercial cakes, the taste and distict olfactory “sweetness” of the Pandan was very much evident in these small titbits (“Horm lai, horm lai” said the rest of the Laoocoks) .

I cannot stand the overly (ghastly) green Pandan Cakes that some shops sell. Why pay good earned money for something that has been coloured beyond its natural pigment?

Below are some other “green things” that we tried out this week.




Unnoticeable until you taste them, these are Green Curry Muffins.

Again, we omitted the use of food colouring and concentrated more on the flavour of these savoury muffins.

We replaced the liquid amount with Coconut Milk cooked with Green Curry paste for this recipe and added some extra Virgin Olive Oil to give the finished product an “glossy earthy” taste.

The result is a sweet and very lightly spicy soft bread. The word “Muffin” originates from the French word “Moufflet”, meaning a soft bread.

We have also made these muffins with Red Curry and Sun Dried Tomatoes, though our favourite are the Green Curry flavoured ones.

The difference between Green and Red Curry pastes has more to do than colour. Green pastes are made using fresh chillies and the latter by using dried chillies. The “hotness” of the finished curry really depends on what other ingredients are used, though I find that the green variety has more of a “kick”.




Oh by the way, before anyone asks, Yellow Curry paste is made with fresh Turmeric, hence the amber colour.




One thought on “Something Green

  1. Hi Laocook, I love your pandan sponge cake. My cakes are always very green because I love this colour.
    I use at least 10 pandan leaves for a medium cake. I don’t know, is that too much ?  I never use artificial colour because I hate food coloring so I must use  a large amount of leaves.
    Your curry muffins are ideal for the aperitif.

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