25th SEA Games in Vientiane



From the 9th through to the 18th of December 2009, Vientiane will be hosting and celebrating the 25th SEA Games.


This is the first time that Laos has ever held a SEA or South East Asian Games.

This has meant that new stadiums and facilities have been constructed to welcome the athletes and visitors from the 10 other participating countries.

Athletes from Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Myanmar (Burma), Brunei Darussalum, Cambodia and Timor Leste will compete to win medals in 25 or so different disciplines, including my favourite, Football (Soccer). C´mon Laos! :biggrin:

Not only will the representatives and supporters of the above nations be coming, Laos is also gearing up for an influx of tourist from all over the world, including me. :biggrin:

For some reason, Laos seemed to court controversy over its handling of some events, and has been especially criticized for reducing the number of games. Conspiracy theorist have said it is because Laos chose to select games that it had a better chance of winning medals in, but theorist will always theorize. :dizzy:

Others say that Laos chose the selected games to help Vietnam, in order that the Vietnamese teams can comfortably win medals. Like I said, theorist will always theorize. :ermm:

These people should look forward to the games and embrace them, celebrate them, be a part of them and especially, enjoy them.



Our mascots for the 25th SEA Games.


For more information such as venues, events, timetables etc.. visit the Official Site of the games or the Official Site of the Organizing  Committee.

Both these sites also have Tourism Information about Vientiane and places to visit.

If anyone is going or will be there during the games and wants to meet up for a Beerlao, just drop me a line. 😎



3 thoughts on “25th SEA Games in Vientiane

  1. I like the laotain’s choice of the logo: champi and champa. It is very animated and cute, but I am not quite sure the national symbolic of Laos heritage and cultural root should be displayed as cute andcuddling. It should stand out more than cute  and cuddling like an elephant should be the symbolic of grace, honor, and mystic of the east like laos wattanatam passing from generation to generation from the bamboo root latches to the gate of “that luang’s pathosai” annex to friendship bridges:)

  2. Hi Patti and thanks for your comments.

    I guess that the “department” in charge of the logos thought long and hard over them.

    Yes, I agree that the Elephant is a strong, powerful and majestic symbol, but I also agree in making the logo “cute” and “memorable” to those who have never seen Laos or know about her history.

    A lot of football World Cups (think Mexico 1986) and city Expo logos (think Seville 1992) are colourful and cute, and at most times don´t really show any symbolic character, though their meaning, I am sure, is much more deeper. You only have to look at London´s 2012 Olympic  logo to see where my reply is heading. (what were they thinking!?).

    Laos can only show her heritage and customs by proving to the visitors what a wonderful and beautiful host she can be, and I am lucky that I will hopefully be there to see it with my own eyes…..


  3. Hi Vienne,
    First of all I have to say I’m very impressed with your website. The greatest thing is that  you have shared variety of your restaurant activities. I should say I’m a fan of your website, though I never posted any comments before. 
    I believe that the logos that Laos selected is just perfect itself for the SEA games.  The Elephant is the symbolic of national animal which indicates strength,peace,and friendliness. We all know that Lao is all that=]
    And I also believe you are definitely lucky that you will be able to join and share those fantastic  moments. I hope you wouldn’t forget to share them with your fans too, just like you always do…=}

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