Duck Larb Recipe

Larb´s are a type of  Laotian meat salad. The most popular is made with beef which is best served raw, so freshness is very important. For those how shy away from raw meat dishes the beef can also be cooked (but where is the fun in that? :pinch: )

Other cooked Larbs include chicken, pork, venison and duck versions. Below is our version of Duck Larb, known locally as Larb P´het.




Served with rice and fresh crispy vegetables this recipe is enough for 10 people, great if you are entertaining. You could halve or quarter the recipe if cooking for less. The ingredients list is long, but once everything is chopped and ready, the recipe is fairly easy.



The Herbs

10g                  Chopped Coriander (Cilantro)

15g                  Chopped Mint

25g                  Chopped Lemongrass, white part only

10g                  Shredded Kaffir Lime Leaves

140g                Chopped Shallots

50g                  Chopped Spring Onion (Scallion) Tails


The Seasonings

1 tbsp              *Roasted Chilli Flakes

7 tbsp              **Padek Liquid

5                      Limes (juice only)

½ tbsp             MSG (optional)

4 tbsp              Ground Roasted Sticky Rice

40g                  Chopped Garlic


* Dry Chillies that have been dry roasted in a hot pan, then coarsely ground in a spice blender of with a pestle and mortar.


** Pieces of Padek that have been boiled with some added water, the bones removed and the liquid sieved. Fish Sauce can be used if Padek is unavailable, though the former is more flavoursome and preferred.


The Meat

1                      Whole Duck


The Ducks that we use are packaged as “Peking Duck” and weigh 2.3kg. The skin, meat and innards are removed and finely chopped by hand and should yield:


650g                Duck Meat

80g                  Innards (Heart, Liver and Gizzards)

220g                Skin

Keep the Carcass, Wings and Neck for another recipe.




In a medium hot Wok, add the Garlic and Skin. There is no need to add oil as the Skin will render its own fat.




Stir until the Skin and Garlic are brown.





As it cooks the Skin will shrivel up.


Remove about 3 tablespoons of the rendered fat then turn up the heat a little then add the Innards and Duck Meat, stir until just cooked.







It is important not to overcook the meat, this will result in a dry Larb.


Once cooked remove from the Wok and place in to a mixing bowl. The fat and meat “juices” will help keep the dish moist. If you find that the meat is on the dry side, add the 3 tablespoons of fat.

Add The Seasonings in the order listed above. It is best to add a little at a time, tasting to correct spiciness, saltiness and sourness. You may find that you will need a little less, or more Lime Juice and Padek Juice depending on personal taste.

Once the Ground Roasted Sticky Rice is added, it will absorb most of the juices.

Add The Herbs and mix well and serve immediately garnished with Deep Fried Kaffir Lime Leaves and Dry Roasted Whole Chillies.




All Larbs go well with crispy and crunchy vegetables served on the side.


9 thoughts on “Duck Larb Recipe

  1. Oh Yum! I love Duck Larb.. I make mine semi-homemade.. I buy the roasted ducks and then chop it up and add in the seasonings and it’s really good. Thanks for the recipe!

  2. Hi PureHmongbabe and Southida,

    And thanks for your comments.

    Larbs are some of my favourite dishes, especially the bitter one made from raw beef (I must admit, it is an acquired taste! :blink: )

    When I have some Banana Blossoms growing, I like to add those too!

    Larbs sometimes feature on our Special Menus but not on our regular menu, but this may change in the future!

  3. Wow, I will definitely try to cook this eventually! I’m so happy there is a Lao Cooking website like yours. I am Lao myself and grew up in US. Everyone in my family knows how to cook except me. The only time I get to be in the kitchen is to clean! lol

    I will definitely keep checking your website for more recipes. =)

  4. Sabaidee Souksane, and thanks for your nice comments.

    I do hope that you get a chance to try the recipe, I am sure that you will like it :biggrin:

    Nobody “cannot cook”, I am sure that you will be fine with the Larb, it is easier than it looks.

    Most of all, Have fun!

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  6. this is my all time favorite larb! i am very lucky to hang out with great cooks! i am also very lucky that one of them makes this the best.  we get fresh ducks and do the whole thing from scratch.  nothing is better than bbq duck head seasoned with lemon grass, fish sauce, garelic, shallots and pepper.  the best part of larb ped is the larb leurd ped! with fresh sticky rice, crisp cucumbers, side of fresh greens and duck bone soup!

  7. Hi Dawn… you sure know how to make us hungry!!! :biggrin:
    Its great that all of the duck is being used! We sure don’t like to waste food!

  8. hey there.. me and my husband was just talking about making larb duck..  what about the jello blood.. where’s the recipe to that..?? i know its easy.. but how do i do that? if i’m making the marb.. might as well go all out!

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