Seabass Crackers

Downstairs in our Pâtisserie and Bakery, Pastry Chef Akiyama has been working with Chocolate.


White Chocolate Sculpture.

This small piece was presented to two diners who celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary at the hotel. Most times Chef Akiyama´s work looks too pretty to eat…but this is made out of chocolate… 🙂 .

Upstairs in the main kitchens we have been busy making Crackers again.


Laying out the Crackers to dry.

These ones are made from Lubina, the Spanish name for Seabass.


In their current state, they have a “rubbery” texture.

They need to be slowly dried, so we place them in our Plate Warmer which is set at 70ºC throughout the evening.


Once dried they become brittle.

These can now be stored in an air tight container until needed.


They are deep fried until they puff up.


Once cooled they are extremely crunchy and very, very addictive! 😆


We have also had time to work on our Duck Dtom Khem Terrine.


The Dtom Khem sauce was reduced and poured over the shredded duck to help it set. It also gave the terrine a ginger and galangal sweetness.

Once cooled the sauce would gelify.


Foie Gras goes very well with duck, so it was only natural to include it this terrine.


It was served with fresh Passion Fruit pulp, Pistachio and Dates.

It turned out that we had more shredded duck than we needed, so we used the rest in another terrine.


Duck, Ham and Dried Fruit Terrine.

We used blanched Pak Choi leaves to wrap this terrine and served it with a Sesame Vinaigrette.

Now that we have used up all of the duck, our next set of terrines will be made from Rabbit.

“What´s up doc?”. 😆 .


2 thoughts on “Seabass Crackers

  1. Can you share the recipes for the sea bass crackers and terrine please? They sounds and look amazing!

  2. Hola David,

    Thanks for your comment.

    The recipe for the Crackers is:

    500g cleaned seabass fillets, no skin
    400g tapioca flour
    25g salt
    5g white pepper
    250ml boiling water.

    In a food processor machine, blitz the seabass until it becomes a pulp, add the salt and pepper and flour.

    Remove from the blitzer and place in to a machine that has a paddle mixer (kitchenaid), turn the machine on slow to medium then add the boiling water slowly.

    When cool enough to handle, knead in to a long sausage shape and place in to a wet kitchen towel, steam ovr high heat for 45 minutes.

    After steaming, reshape if needed and chill for 24 hours.

    Once chilled, cut in to thin slices and allow the slices to dry in a low oven until crisp (12 hours).

    Once dried, store in an air tight container until needed.

    To cook, deep fry in 180 degree C oil, until fluffy.

    Its a very long process! But worth it.

    With regards to the Terrine, that’s a really long recipe too!

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