Sea Urchins

I pity the person who has never tasted a fresh (yes, alive) Sea Urchin.

Sea Urchins look like cute balls with spikes. They are available here for only a short time. When the authorities allow, normally during a few days in January or February, I like to don my fishing trousers and head off to the rocks in the sea at the coastal town of Chipiona.

Armed with a fork, a thick pair of waterproof gloves and a very large bucket, all I have to do is lift a large slab of rock and gently prize away my catch with the fork. For the past few years the Sea Urchins have been too small to harvest, but this year I have made up for lost time. 🙂 .


Such is my love for Sea Urchins, they were included in my “Last Meal“.

Inside our prickly friend lies a treasure trove of goodies.

To get to our reward, we only need a pair of scissors and a teaspoon.


Basically we have to cut it in half, trying to avoid pricking ourselves.


A lot of people mistakingly think that he five coral coloured segments are the Roe, however they are not, they are the organs that produce to Roe. Or Gonads.

They taste absolutely sublime. The texture is heavenly light yet full of flavour.

They are best eaten “as is”, opened and scooped up at once. However, some people like to eat them on toast, and the Japanese have been using them to top sushi for centuries, where it is known as “Uni”.

Others like to add a dash of Lemon Juice or a splash of Dry Sherry. I prefer mine with some homemade wine.



For those who like to add the zing of Lemon, all they have to do is shake my tree. 😉 .


Sun, Sea Urchins and chilled Wine. Today was a good day. 🙂 .


3 thoughts on “Sea Urchins

  1. I had sea urchin at an asian fusion restaurant as a uni and it was horrible!!!! I’m sure FRESH urchin is much better than what we had in MN. ugh.

  2. I dont think that there is anything comparable to fresh Sea Urchin.

    I have never had Uni at a Sushi Bar, though I have seen photos of the dish. They look muuch larger and have a different colour too.

    If you ever get the chance to have a fresh one, please do…. you´ll love it.


  3. i am from malaysia sabah borneo island there at local store sea urchin is the norm… and i eat it kinda every day when im back home.. but never get the taste.. salty sea smelly taste to me… haha and its kinda the norm food where i came from…  i prefer chicken..lols

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