Carpaccio Checkmate

The first post of 2009.

We fondly call this dish “Carpaccio de Pez Ajedrez” (Carpaccio of Chess Fish).


Plating Chess Fish.

Of course “Chess Fish” is a made up name. Our Carpaccio is made from fresh Tuna and Pez Limon.


The dressing is made with Yuzu Juice, Ginger, heated Sesame and Olive Oil.


It is topped with Nori Toast Crumbs, Toasted Pine Kernels and Sea Bass Soboro.


We all hope that this year will be busier than the last one. As 2009 starts, let us all

Wish You a Very Happy,

Healthy and Filling



Khamhoung, Kuchi, Emilie, Khamsene and Saki.


One thought on “Carpaccio Checkmate

  1. OK, so how did you do it? Obviously the two kinds of fish aren’t just squished together…or are they? Very cool presentation.

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