Firstly, let us wish everyone our belated Festive Greetings.


Feliz Navidad. Our Christmas Dinner dessert, Chocolate filled with Chocolate. Yummy. 😉 .

A few days ago we made some classic looking “Goong Che Nam Pla” (Fish Sauce marinated raw Prawns).


We served it in its “original” presentation (whole Prawns). The dish that features on our regular menu is presented differently.

Both versions use the same ingredients, though we added some chopped chillies to this version because our clients loved spicy foods.


Three “Langostinos” were served per person as a small Starter.

(New Style) Goong Che Nam Pla is the only dish that has been on the menu since our first Service.



Natural Casings for Sausages!

A while ago it was almost impossible to find these! But seeing as they are now allowed on the market, we wasted no time in getting stuck in (or stuffing! 😉 ).


Above is our device for filling the Casings.

We made up a (large) batch of Lao Style Sausages, which went down a treat with the clients and especially with the rest of the A-Team. 🙂 .

Of all the Sausages that I have had, Lao Style ones have always been the most aromatic and hearty.


Gone are the days when we used the cut-off top of a plastic Evian bottle to stuff the casings!

This device makes it far easier.


Sous Chef Khamsene gets to grips with the “twisting”.



In order to stop the Casings from bursting when cooking, we cook them at a lower temperature.


They are roasted for about 15 minutes at 160º.


Cooking them too fast over a high flame can cause the casing to split, also cooking them slower in an oven ensures that they remain succulent and tender and not dried out.

We have also made a batch of Soured Lao Sausages, these will be ready for cooking in a few days. 😉 .

Not content with making Lao Style ones, we put the stuffing device to further use by making some “Gourmet Sausages”.

Venison with Forest Fruits, Wild Boar and Thyme and even Red Curry Chicken sausages were stuffed and twisted during the day. However, the nicest ones we made were Duck and Foie Gras.


You can see the Foie Gras through the casing.


These are the only Sausages that we made that needed fast cooking.

Slow cooking them will make the Duck Liver melt away, so they are flashed in a pan before being blasted in a very hot oven and served rare to medium rare. Lovely. 🙂 .


11 thoughts on “Sausages.


    What kind of fish sauce do you use for the prawn marination?  Commercial standard, something higher grade, or made in your kitchen?

    I just happen to have a bunch of nice tiger prawns in my fridge….

  2. Your culinary skills are very impressive! i’ve taste lao’s authenic sausages before and they are way better than the ones in the market. i would like to have the recipe for those please…

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  4. hii great pictures would you mind sending me the recipe to this lao sausage please iv’e been looking for one forever, you will  be highly  appreciate thanks.

  5. I’ve been searching the net for Lao sausage recipes and found your site. Would you be able to share your recipe? I would greatly appreciate. I also plan to try the recipe you posted on som moo. Thank you so much.

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