Crash, Bang and Wallop.


I used to laugh (wickedly) at those who never backed up their files from their PCs to a disc or other device. Well, it looks like I should be laughing at myself….

To cut a long story short, I have lost all the contents of my Hard Drive, including all the old and new photos and worse of all, my collection of videos and recipes. 😦 .

Hence the reason for no new posts on the site.

Luckily, I had burned all our holiday pics for Rose a week earlier so that she could put them on her computer, if I hadn’t…. put it this way, it would be very difficult to type with broken arms and fingers…. 😉 .

I have spent ages fixing the PC, which is now (just about) up and running.

I have thrown countless tantrums and things at the wall, but that is not going to bring back my lost work.

Anyway, seeing as a New Year is coming up, it is kind of nice to start from scratch…

Let this be a lesson to everyone.

Back-up your files!


2 thoughts on “Crash, Bang and Wallop.

  1. Hi Jeff.

    Some of the IT guys have given me some discs to look at that include “recovery” programmes, which I will have a look at later this week.

    Fingers crossed… 🙂

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