Sweet Things: First Look

Desserts are the “Encore” of a meal. No matter how much you feel that you have eaten during the meal, somehow there´s always room for dessert 😉 .

Good restaurants will have a separate kitchen for the preparation of these sweet dishes. At the hotel our Pastry Kitchen sits alongside our Bakery on the second floor (our restaurant is on the third floor).

“Downstairs” our team of Pâtissiers and Boulangers work extremely hard, virtually around the clock. The latter work throughout the night, ensuring that a host of freshly baked breads, croissants, muffins etc…  are ready for the Breakfast Service, as well as returning later in the day to bake the breads for our lunch and dinner Services.

These guys and girls are also responsible for our chocolates, biscuits, cakes and ice creams & sorbets.

You could call them “The Unsung Heroes of the restaurant kitchens”. 🙂 .

Our Pastry Chef Akiyama and I have been working diligently over the past few weeks on our new “Sweet Things Menu“.

Ideas and suggestions have been thrown around our office, tastings have been conducted, recipes have been adjusted and refined, then tasted again, and again and again…

This menu will stay in place until the spring of 2009. The presentation may change a little during this time, though the main ingredients, flavours and textures will remain in place.

Here is the first look at the four dishes on our “Sweet Things Menu“.

Banana Cylinder with Brown Butter Ice Cream.

The Banana Cylinder is smooth and silky and topped with some toasted Pistachio nuts. I loved the Brown Butter Ice Cream that I had at WD-50. I had previously seen it on some menus at restaurants in Paris, but  had only tasted it whilst I was in New York. I decided to add it to our menu because I adored it´s “nuttiness and richness”.

Warm Coffee Cake with Bailey´s Ice Cream.

I love Coffee flavoured desserts. Our cake is warmed in an oven so that the heat from the cake will slowly melt the Bailey´s flavoured ice cream.

A reduction of PX (Pedro Ximénez sweet Sherry) and Reserva Sherry Vinegar cuts through the sweetness. The toasted crushed Almonds add a crunch to the dish.

Passion Fruit “Tart” with Marshmallow.

The idea for this dessert came from my experiences with Key Lime Pie (though shouldn’t it be called at Tart?), whilst staying in the Florida Keys. We substituted the Key Lime in favour of Passion Fruit.

I didn’t want to serve and offer a “standard triangle cut” from a whole tart, so we decided to separate the filling from the case and cook them individually.

Our homemade Marshmallows (not pictured) are given some blow-torch treatment before being served, which makes them all “gooey”, lovely…. 😉 .

A tangy Lemon Sorbet helps the dish along.

Green Tea and Chocolate Cake.

Both White and Dark Chocolate are used in the cake, the former is mixed with Green Tea powder which not only gives it colour, but also lends it an interesting taste.

Organic Orange Sorbet lifts the dish.

We did think about making a Chocolate Molten Cake, but that is getting a bit to common nowadays, anyway, most restaurants cheat on that dessert and blast it in the microwave. 😯 .


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