Salmon, Tuna and Sek Loso


We serve Salmon in a variety of ways at the hotel. We smoke or marinade it for breakfast, we use it for Sushi and Sashimi, it is also grilled “a la plancha” at the Brasserie by the Pool.

When I was younger, Salmon Steaks were the “in dish”. These were normally cut through the body, so that it had a small piece of bone in the middle and the skin was always intact. I remember ordering them in restaurants and always finding them overcooked and the meat flaky.

Nowadays it is rare to see Salmon Steaks on menus, the former ruler of the Royal Family of Fish has given way to a new monarch, the Tuna.

However, saying that, I still enjoy a Salmon Steak now and then. At the restaurant we use some Sushi Cuts for our Salmon Steaks. These are the cuts that are normally reserved for our Sushi cooks. The best cuts.

Instead of grilling the Salmon, I roast it.

Roasted Salmon, Pak Choi Sauce and Coconut Milk Foam.

The “Pak Choi Sauce” can also be served as a soup. Pak Choi, more green part than white, are sweated with onions, then cooked in a light Chicken Stock before being placed in a blender then passed through a sieve, at this point if you add cream or milk, you have a soup.

Everyone knows that I hate overcooked food, and they way that we cook the Salmon, means it is never overcooked.

The Salmon is roasted, unseasoned in an oven at 90ºC for 9 minutes.

“Ninety-nine” (90 and 9), easy to remember.

The result is a lovely silky texture, that is neither raw or overcooked. It has an almost “jelly-like” texture.

Meltingly tender, this dish goes down extremely well when enjoyed with a chilled glass of wine.


I mentioned Tuna earlier, and in the past I have mentioned that Tuna Tartare is readily available on menus here in Spain. We have presented our Tartare in many guises over the past seasons, here is our latest edition.

For the Tartare we use the usual suspects, fresh Tuna, Shallots, Chives etc..

This time we encased it in some wilted Spinach.

The “dome” is covered with Sashimi Grade Tuna before being dressed with our Yuzu and Trout Egg Vinaigrette.

Freshly grated Ginger gives the dish a slighty spicy tang, we would love to use fresh Wasabi, but seeing as I cannot get it here, Ginger will have to do. (I would also like to top it with a dollop of Caviar, but you cant have everything!) 😉

When the Vinaigrette is added, the dish starts to loose its rich redness, so it has to be served and enjoyed immediately.


The proceeding hours before Service, during our “Mise en Place”, we like to listen to music whilst getting things ready. It helps us relax, and adds a rhythm kitchen work.

Lately we have been listening to Sek Loso. When my brother King heard about this, he sent over some pics that were taken while back.

The Beerlao T-shirt gets about!

Sek will be releasing a new album soon, and we cant wait to hear it. 🙂

Sek Loso is very big in Thailand and Laos, for those of you who haven’t heard his music, click “play” below. 🙂


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