Sesame Crumble and Turnip Cake

It has been a busy week with group bookings and large tables. Tables of over 10 diners are normally given a set menu, groups larger than 10 who want to eat “a la carte” have to be split up in to various tables (less than 10 persons and 30 minutes apart).

The reason for this is that it helps both the Service and Kitchen teams to ensure that the all our diners receive the very best service and products that we can offer.

This week we have been working with seasonal produce.

Baby Shiitake with Sweet Potato and Sesame “Crumble”.

This is a very mellow dish. The fresh Shiitake are packed with flavour, and are simply sauteed in Smoked Butter. The puree has a lightly sweet flavour, and the Sesame Crumble has a wonderful texture.

We have also used some Sweet Potato to make some Crackers, as well as some desserts. One of the best ways to enjoy them is to throw them in to an oven and let them cook in their skins….hmmmm, nice… 🙂

We also made some Turnip Cakes, based on a Chinese recipe.

We added some Iberian Ham to the cake and served it with some reduced Balsamic Vinegar and dots of homemade Sriracha style Chilli Sauce.

Salmon Tartare with Tofu Guacamole and Tapioca Pearls.

Avocado and Tofu are a good mix. Both have a lovely velvety texture. The sauce is a Soy and Yuzu Juice based one with some Wakame Seaweed with Sesame Oil and Seeds. The dish is presented “as is” and needs to be mixed before eating. The Tapioca Pearls lend an interesting texture.


Anyway folks…. its that time of year again. 😉

The next post will be in about three weeks time, when I have returned from my trip to New York and Florida. 🙂

I want to thank all those who sent emails recommending places to visit, eat, and sleep.

As they say….. “Have a nice day”



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