Laocook and Lao Roots Magazine

Over the past few months we have been asked to contribute to the US based publication Lao Roots Magazine.

The magazine is a quarterly publication featuring interviews and segments about Lao people, their communities, celebrations, jobs, religion, travel and other stories.

It was great to read about Laotian Actors, Singers, Dancers, Producers, Athletes, Fashion Designers, and a whole host of other professions. It was also heart warming to read about peoples journeys from Laos to their adopted homelands.

The magazine has something for everyone.

Seeing as we are cooks, we featured in their “In the Kitchen” section as well as a long segment titled “Cool Gigs”.

Our recipe for Som Pak Calumbee, or Fermented Cabbage.

Our recipe for Nhem (Nham), one of our favourite dishes.

Sous Chef Khamsene´s Duck Larb.

The “Cool Gigs” interview.

Second page of the three page article.

Lao Roots Magazine.

Subscription details are available from their website. They do ship to Europe, though there will be an additional postage charge.


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