Howdy. Yep, that´s right. Later this month I will be taking my annual holiday and have chosen to visit the USA.

I will be in New York and Florida from the 23rd October until the 8th November 2008.

My agenda is pretty much open, so if anyone has any ideas of places to eat or go, please let me know.


And if anyone wants to meet up and have a beer (or two), just drop me a line at




11 thoughts on “America

  1. I can’t wait to meet you down here in Florida and show you around.  Maybe we should have a big party and you cook?  Hahahahahaa

  2. I used to live in NYC for two years and I’ve tried The Spotted Pig restaurant on west 11 st. in NYC, Bouley on West Broadway, Eleven Madison Park on Madison ave., Gotham Bar & Grill on East 12th. st., Jean Georges on Columbus Circle, Momofuku Noodle Bar on 1st. ave.,Bread_Tribeca on Church St., Cafe Habana on Price St. (must try Mexican street corn with Cotija Cheese), Aki restaurat on w. 4th st. , Casa Mono on Irving Pl., and for something sweet try Veniero’s on East 11th st., and Chikalicious dessert bar on east 10th st. There are so many great restaurants in NYC. Have great time. If you’re in Naples, Florida let me know.

  3. Hi guys and thanks for all the comments and emails.

    Dethsavan, that is a good list of restaurants you have there, I will let you know if I get a chance to try them out. I love big cities, always a place to eat… 😉

    I normally get hold of restaurant guides and plan my meals according to the ratings, but on the other hand I have found that some small restaurants serve food good, if not better than the rated ones…. Oh the joys of eating and not washing up or cleaning the kitchen….


    Its such a pity that I only have a short time, I would love to go to MN and Nashville as well as the West Coast, but I guess a holiday to explore all these places would take months.

    Now Naples, isnt that in FL?

  4. Well since you’ll be in NYC why don’t you hop on the bus and come to Boston. It’s not that long of a trip and you’ll be able to explore the city a bit before heading back. There are  a lot of international venues here too, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed! If you get a chance, top of the hubs is well known restaurant, not just for the view but food as well!

  5. Wow, you’re coming to America! First off, make sure you watch the movie Coming to America before you head out, because that will help you adjust to life stateside. You will of course need to eat a lot of McDowells and spray Soul Glo in your hair (let it shine).

    Too bad you won’t make it to Chicago, because I would have feasted you at Alinea (yeah right). But NYC, hmm…let’s see. When I lived there as a student, my favorite restaurant was Nha Trang, a Vietnamese place on Baxter Street in Chinatown. They had the best Vietnamese food in the country. Nothing unusual, but everything done really well.

    My favorite pizza place was Lombardi’s. For authentic New York-style pizza, it’s tough to beat. And I love that neighborhood.

    If you’re in the Upper East Side, try Pintailes pizza.

    Caffe Dante in the Village has good tiramisu and ambience. There’s a nice litttle Belgian frites place in the East Village, and there’s also a bar around there I think on Third Street that has a delicious peche lambic.

    The one thing you must not miss is the Brooklyner Weisse. It is the best beer ever. I used to drink it at Toast on 125th Street, near school, but I’m sure you’ll find it it many places. The Brooklyn Brewery tour is real fun, and the neighborhood surrounding it is great (if you walk a bit further up into Greenpoint, you can get pierogi, kielbasa and polish beer).

    New York is of course full of immigrants, and you’ll want to take in some of the varied cuisine that is probably less accessible in Europe. When I was there New York had no good Mexican restaurants, but if you’re lucky there might be a taco truck at 96th Street and Broadway, where you can get authentic tacos (the best tacos in Norte America!) made from lengua, tripas, chorizos, etc.

    If you haven’t had Dominican cuisine, you definitely have to make the trip up to Washington Heights. Around 175th Street, there’s a restaurant called Malecon, which serves up some damn good roast chicken. They also have good side dishes. When was the last time you ate yucca?

    Your New York food experience is incomplete until you grab a knish from a street cart (a deli is somewhat less acceptable). Whatever you do, stay away from those “papaya” hot dog joints!

    ps. Don’t forget to visit Zabar’s on the Upper West Side, and Citarella down the street is also worth a visit…

  6. Thank you all for your comments. Much appreciated 🙂

    There are a lot tips there, I am going to have to print them out and see if I can find them.

    Once again, THANKS!


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