Pumpkin Crackers

We have an obsession with Crackers. 🙂

Ever since we started making our own Prawn Crackers or Shrimp Crackers, we have been using various ingredients including Octopus, King Crab, King Prawn and Saffron, Lobster and Kaffir Lime etc…

Now seeing that Autumn has truly arrived, we are getting loads of Pumpkin deliveries.

Our Pumpkins have been grown in various local allotments, along with other vegetables such as Aubergines (Eggplants), Baby Tomatoes, Onions etc…

When a few crates of Pumpkins arrived to our kitchens, various dishes were cooked up including Purees, Soups, Spanish “Cocidos” and “Sankaya” Desserts.

However, a few days ago when we served up some King Crab Crackers as a pre-dinner snack, one couple sent them back to the kitchen because they were vegetarians. 😦

Now, there is no need to hide my feeling about vegetarians (grrrrr), but it got me thinking. 😉

Why not make some Vegetarian Crackers?  💡

After a few attempts, we realised that the best results came from steaming the fruit (yes, it is a fruit, regardless of what some people may say 😉 ), before mixing it with the flour and less water than we normally would.

The first few attempts showed us that we needed to season the mixture a little more than usual. (We base all our Cracker Recipes on our original King Prawn Cracker Recipe (500g Prawn, 500g Tapioca Flour, Salt, Sugar and  White Pepper)).

After many, and I mean many attempts, we also realised that we had to allow the steamed fruit to cool before mixing with the flour, before adding the boiling water.

The addition of extra white pepper really made a difference in the finished product.

In their dried state they look like hard brittle chips, however, when thrown in to 180º C sunflower oil, a beautiful transformation occurs.

When cooking any type of cracker, it is very important that the oil is hot, and that there is enough room for the crackers to fluff up.

We cut the crackers when they are dry in to longer strips, this means that they need more space in the fryer  to expand.

You have to move around them to ensure that they are completely emersed in the hot oil. Let them swim.

As soon as they are done, you have to remove them and let them drain and cool slightly.

Once cooled, they are ready to serve and extremely crunchy and addictive….


Making vegetarian crackers has really opened the possibility of making other fruit and vegetable versions, and this is something we hope to expand on.



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