Enoki Crumpet

A Crumpet is a British savoury bread which has a wonderful dense spongy texture. In our version we decided to add some Golden Enoki Mushrooms.

The nutty flavour of the Enoki goes well with the buttery flavour of the Crumpet. The bread is best grilled before serving, which gives it a slight crunch, before giving in to the springiness underneath.

For the topping we blended some Tofu with Miso and a dash of Sesame Oil.

The topping looks and feels light but is packed with flavour, coupled with the chewiness of the bread, you have a good snack or starter.

These Crumpets are also good served with a topping of Poached Duck Egg and some foamy Hollandaise Sauce, very similar to Eggs Benedict if you add some Smoked Bacon. šŸ™‚


Meanwhile in Paris, King, Laurene and Junior recently met up with former Laocook member Monique.

They enjoyed dinner at the well known Japanese restaurant, Aida.

This small unassuming eaterie is the only Japanese restaurant in France to be awarded with a star from The Michelin Guide.

Junior, Chef Koji Aida, Monique, Laurene and King.

Painting the town Rouge, they also ran in to Lewis Hamilton, the British Formula 1 Pilot and Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger, who were in Paris for a short break.



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