Cones and Tamarind Snaps

Our Summer Intern Emily and I have been working on new dishes for our Amuse Bouche.

Emily sautéeing some Baby Carrots for one of our new dishes.

Emily´s three month internship is almost over, but we were so impressed with her abilities, we offered her a full time contract until January 2009. 🙂

Before joining us, Emily had very little hands-on kitchen experience, but after almost three months, she has shown that enthusiasm makes up for lack of experience.


We have used Cones in the past, however this time we decided to make them smaller.

Spring Roll Paper is shaped before being lightly deep fried.

If kept in an air-tight container, they can be kept for a few days. We have used various fillings for these mini cones, which are very easy to eat. 🙂

“Aubergine Caviar” is topped with a light Herb Mousse.

Here we used a Guacamole topped with Red Pepper “Crystals”.

To fill the them we used Piping Bags, otherwise it would be very difficult to get the mixture in to the bottom of the cone.


Everyone in our kitchens loves Tofu. It is an incredibly versatile ingredient. We just love its silky texture.

This is our Grilled Tofu with Korean Bulgogi Style Dressing and Tamarind Snap.

This is a great way to present a dish with different textures. The smoothness of the Tofu is paired with the crunch of the tangy Tamarind Snap.

Emily reduced some Tamarind juice before being mixing it with flour, sugar and other ingredients. The lacy result is very fine and fragile.

Almost paper thin.

Because they harden on drying, they can be shaped whilst still warm, say drapped over  a rolling pin or wrapped around a wooden spoon handle, however, for this dish, the flat shape works well.


3 thoughts on “Cones and Tamarind Snaps

  1. I love those egg roll skins, but aren’t they better fried a little longer, a little more golden?

    My mother always uses this kind of paper for egg rolls but I also enjoy the rice paper the Vietnamese typically use for cha gio. Very crunchy!

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