During the last seven days I have attended two Weddings.

Firstly, my friends Teresa and Moises tied the knot in an open air Chapel in the nearby valley.

The happy couple are given a Rice Shower before heading off to the Wedding Reception.

Later that week we attended my friends Inma and Antonio´s wedding.

Led by her father, Inma is walked up the garden aisle set in a country “Finca” which included a small Bullring.

Both weddings were different and equally wonderful, and the partying went on well in to the early hours.

King, Teresa, Moises and Laurene.

Laurene and I at the reception.

A week later I enjoy a few glasses (and bottles 😉 ) of white wine at Inma and Antonio´s reception.

At first glance I thought that someone had given them an oil painting as a gift, but on closer inspection, I realised that it was an Edible Marzipan Painting, made by our friend Diego. Yummy. 🙂


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