This Little Piggy Went…..

On a warm summer evening off, its time to enjoy a BBQ in the garden.

We invited a special friend along for dinner. 🙂

Along with the Sucking Pig, other dishes were prepared for the grills.

A BBQ wouldn’t be the same without “Ping Gai”, the lovable Laotian Grilled Chicken.

Most of the herbs that we used in the marinade are now grown at the Asia House. There is almost a Lemongrass Farm in the yard!

Even the Cucumbers in the first photo were grown in the garden, we used them for a very spicy “Tum”. 😉

Whilst the Sticky Rice is Steaming and the rhythm of the Pestle and Mortar are signalling that a spicy and sour dip is being made, some of us take it easy…


After a while its time to dry off, have a few more beers and set the table for dinner.

The meat of the Piglet is very tender, and when cooked properly, the skin is light and crispy.

Sticky Rice and homemade “Jéow Bong” make the perfect accompaniment.

In my opinion, the best part is the head.

Okay, I agree that it may not be a pretty sight, but believe me, it is lovely. 😉

The skin is also crispy, the ears more so (which are covered in foil when cooking to stop them from burning). The nose has a light chewy texture, and the cheeks are soft and juicy.

Inside the texture changes to something rich and creamy.

The Lemongrass slices give the brains a lovely aroma. Though best eaten with toasts, these morsels where mopped up with Sticky Rice.

Some of you may be put off by the thought or sight of these, but hey, ask yourself,

“Do I really know what the ingredients are in my supermarket Sausage?”.

I find that the Lao culture really enjoy eating the offal and off cuts-of animals, and I am glad that we don’t waste the food. We should respect the animal by using as much of it as possible.

Perhaps for some viewers who are second generation abroad, thoughts of eating the Intestines, Bladders and Stomach Linings may be revolting, but ask your parents, aunts and uncles and I am sure that they love these types of food.

If you think that eating this is weird, I have reposted the 2007 LCTV presentation of our trip to the Vang Vieng market. Makes you look at things is a different perspective eh? 🙂 😉

Anyway, all the food was enjoyed and the party went on well in to the night. It was also a fitting farewell to one of our members who will be missed by all. Suri has decided to pursue his career back in France, and we all wish him the best for his future. 🙂


2 thoughts on “This Little Piggy Went…..

  1. Hola compañeros, me gustaría saber cómo estais.
        Don siento mucho no poder trabajar en tanto tiempo y deseo que todo esté bien.
        Un beso a todos y sta proto

  2. now that’s the epitome of lao cuisine… ping gai and tum mak thang.  the perfect summer meal in my opinion.

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