Basil and Tomatoes

I adore the aroma of freshly torn Basil (yep, you should tear it with your hands instead of chopping it) šŸ˜‰

As well as using it in our dishes, we also use it to garnish finished plates. Right now I am fond of Dark Basil, which has a purple-like colour which changes to green as it grows.

It has a more subdued flavour to the normal variety, but has its own unique aroma. I use it especially in our Green Curry, where the dark mauve stands out.


Talking about garnishes, we love to slow roast our Cherry Tomatoes.

We use Yellow and Red Cherry varieties, keeping the stems attached.

Their flavour intensifies with the slow cooking as they loose moisture, making the flavour more concentrated. YouĀ“d be surprised at the punch and sweetness of these small Tomatoes once semi dried.


This summer Junior has been doing some outside cooking.

We have transportable Induction Wok and Grill elements that are great for outside events.

Simply grilled Brochetes are great for a summer afternoon.

Three is a crowd?


Laurene and Rose enjoy an early evening with King and I as we take a well earned day off and head to a friends restaurant for a bit of Gastronomic Pampering.

Even on our days off, our life revolves around Food, Wines and Cuisine.

This is what leading a ChefĀ“s life is all about.

Eat, Drink and be Happy.



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