Salted Egg and Wasabi Dice

The first time I saw Salted Eggs, or “Kai Khem” was when I was younger and my mother served some up with a Rice Soup. At first I thought that the eggs were simply regular ones. I never imagined that they would be salty, and very salty indeed. Only after the first big mouthful (and twisted face), did it dawn on me that they were not your average hard boiled variety 😆

Since then I have enjoyed Salted Eggs, especially with Sticky Rice. The best are made with Duck Eggs, which have a richer and larger Yolk than the Hen´s.

It wouldn’t be justifiable to say that the taste is just “salty”. The taste is quite intricate. Yes, saltiness is the prominent aroma, but there is also a “creamy like” savour, without the “creamy texture”. When eaten correctly, one egg goes along way.

The Yolk, lightly “chalky yet smooth” in texture is a delicacy that clings on to the palate. Most times I just eat the sunny centre and discard the White. 😉

Our eggs are soaked in a solution of salted water then taste tested after 14 days. Normally they reach their best after 18 to 20 days, anymore than that, the saltiness becomes overpowering.

After being boiled, they are served “broken up” with the Yolk exposed.


Wasabi is an essential part of Sushi and Sashimi. Normally we like to serve it shaped as a leaf, or even ball shaped. Lately we have been playing around with different presentations. The most favoured is our Wasabi Dice, which always brings a smile when it arrives at the table.

Here it is served with fresh Squid and pickled Mackerel.


2 thoughts on “Salted Egg and Wasabi Dice

  1. I love your food blog! I’m soooo inspired and keep up the great job! I wished you guys were base in the united states so I can come visit but hopefully one day i'[ll make it to spain.

  2. Hola, and thanks for your nice words.

    We are glad that we can inspire, it is the goal of this site and all of my team in the kitchen.

    When you make it to Spain, dont hesitate to contact us! 🙂

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