On the Shoulders of Giants

It has been an extremely busy time in the kitchens. August has always been our busiest month, and this one is no exception. The restaurant is full (and at times, overbooked) on a daily basis. So I guess that we must be doing something right. 🙂

This week saw us “toying around” with Guacamole. We decided to serve it in small glasses, with a soft bed of Avocado and Garlic Cream. Slow Dried Cherry Tomatoes add a nice tangy yet sweet note.

We soak them in a mixture of Olive and Grapeseed Oil for a few days, and use the Oil to fry our vegetables or dress our salads.


The great thing about Spain is that bars and restaurants close late, well after midnight. That means that we always have a place to go after our “Service”. 🙂

Because we finish late, it is not uncommon for us to return home during the early hours. There have been many times that we have seen the sunrise. 😆

A few days ago we were invited to chill out with some very special friends.

King with Ferran Adria.

A Chef who really doesn’t need any introductions. An inspiration to the majority of young (and old) cooks, a trend setter, an icon and (the best part) a really down-to-earth person.

As the night wore on, and more drinks were served the conversations turned to other subjects. I guess that all Chefs get bored talking about food 24/7.

Time to lighten up and enjoy ourselves.

Laurene and Juan Mari Arzak.

Always polite and a gentleman, Señor Arzak has helped shape the Culinary Horizon.

King and Jose Andres share a moment with Chef Jose´s photo with the “My Last Supper” book.

When we all sat down we agreed that it would be difficult to sum up what your last meal would be, there are so many things to choose from.

When we talk about food, we always mention Asiatic Cuisine and its influence on the world stage. Everyone agrees that Cuisine is an International Language, it is able to bring people together, sit them down and let them enjoy something in common.

It will come as no surprise that many (and I mean many) cooks are using S.E. Asian ingredients in their dishes.

All in all it was a great night which went on till the early hours.

In fact, we are still hungover… 😎


2 thoughts on “On the Shoulders of Giants

  1. WOW!  Eating & drinking with those world renowned chefs must have been absolutely incredible!  Thanks for sharing your pictures! 

    Oh yeah, I tried some duck larb and it turned out fantastic!  Sticky rice and Ot-Lam to go along with it.  Thanks for inspiring me to concoct dishes that I normally wouldn’t try.   

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