When a dish is composed, we have to think about garnishes that will accompany the main ingredient.

Like many Asiatic restaurants, we serve many of our main dishes with Rice (Hom Mali from Thailand) and a few vegetable garnishes on the side.

These adornments cannot be random, they should either have a connection to the main ingredient, or have a flavour that is relevant and complimentary.

Butter and Smoked Salt sauteed Shimeji goes well with our Beef Tenderloin and Mushrooms.

Organic Cherry Tomatoes are slow roasted (for 6 hours) with Rosemary and Garlic then wrapped in blanched Pak Choi Leaves, Shallot Oil Crumbs add a welcome pungent aroma to our Duck dish.

We only use the breast for this dish, the legs are reserved for another dish and the carcasses and aromatics are used to make the sauce.

Our Summer Intern Emilie hangs the Duck which needs to be air-dried.

Emilie has been with us since July after applying for our 2008 Summer Internship.

Out of the 15 applicants, we chose Emile because she has a huge passion for cooking and a willingness to learn. Though her professional background is in Advertising, she wanted to gain a “first hand” perspective of working in a busy kitchen and elegant restaurant.

Emilie getting ready to get “stuck in to” a busy Service.

The rest of her internship will see her spend some time in our Pastry Kitchens, headed by our Japanese Pastry Chef Akiyama.

Akiyama´s creations are a wonderful sight, full of fresh and vibrant flavours and textures. Above is his “Japanese Plum Granizada with Fresh Red Fruits and Gold Stars”, and yes, the Stars are really Gold and edible. 🙂

Even though summer is hot outside, and inside the kitchens, Emilie is doing extremely well, and above all enjoying her time with us (and losing weight). 😉


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