Laos in the 2008 Beijing Olympics

A few days ago, “The Greatest Show on Earth” started. Yes, I am talking about the XXIX Olympiad hosted by Beijing.

Whilst watching the wonderful Opening Ceremony, I let out a loud cheer for the 4 athletes that Laos has sent.

I read that the Lao Olympic Chief Somphou Phongsa has said that “Medal chances for our 2 Swimmers and 2 Runners were slim”, but I think that the fact that we are on the World Stage is great, and I think that we should all support our brave quartet.

One World, One Dream“, the slogan for these games is very much true.

Our Olympians are:

Ms Vilayphone Vongphachane & Mr Thepphithak Chindavong the

50m Freestyle Swimmers


Mr Souksavanh Tonphithak & Ms Philaylack Sackpaseuth the

100m Sprinters.

Sokdee Der Muang Lao!



15 thoughts on “Laos in the 2008 Beijing Olympics

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  2. You should give support and encourage your Lao heritage.  Don’t put eachother down.  Unite and not divide…

  3. If these athletes were not related to the Lao communist government then they wouldn’t have been selected to compete. It just shows the major corruption in Laos. Also why did they chose to compete in swimming? Laos doesn’t even have a swimming pool let alone a 50m pool.

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  5. Eventhough the chances of these Athletes winning medals are poor, I’m still proud to see them participating in the Olympics.  In days or years from now, they could at least say, “we were there”.  I still hope they’ll do well.  We should cheer for them.  So happy to see them at the opening ceremony.  Lao pride all the way yo!
    Kall Hai Soke Dee Der…

  6. Larn Koon Lor  says:
    Event we lao too small body , not big body body like the other. But what ever they can do. Laos people can do too.
    Lao pride all the way.

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