Ping Gai and Cauliflower Gazpacho with Litchi Tartare

Ping Gai is the name given to Laotian Style Grilled Marinated Chicken. A favourite at parties, gatherings and BBQ´s, succulent pieces of Chicken are marinated then grilled and normally served with Sticky Rice.

At the restaurant I cook our Ping Gai “Sous Vide”, which means “Under Vacuum”.

Basically the marinated Chicken is vacuum packed then cooked at a specifically controlled temperature for a certain amount of time.

Because the meat is packed, it retains a lot more natural moisture than other cooking methods, which means we get a result that is more tender and flavoursome.

Before serving, the Chicken is given a few minutes in a hot pan to “crisp the skin”.

The piece we use is from the thigh, which has a good ratio of fat to meat, which also adds flavour and texture.


Our Clear Tomato Soup is now served with chunks of Mango and “Iced”.

The soup is kept in a bottle in the freezer and removed when ice crystals form, it is then given a shake before being returned to the freezer.

It is a perfect Summer Amuse Bouche.


Gazpacho is normally associated with Tomatoes and is a Andalucian favourite. We have been working on a Cauliflower and Mint version.

The result is surprisingly light with a minty finish.

We serve it with a “Tartare of Litchi” and Coriander Oil.

The Tartare is made with fresh Litchi, crushed Cashew Nuts, Truffle Extract with a hint of Sesame Oil and Smoked Salt. Though it is not a real “Tartare” its texture is very close to our “Scallop Tartare”, hence the name. The pieces of fruit are silky and have the same texture as Scallops.


Every Chef at his “Pass” has a Spice Box at hand. This box is filled with Spices, Powders and other ingredients that can be used to liven up a dish before it is sent out.

The different items are used for specific dishes.

In my box from the top left to bottom right are:

  • Garlic Oil for drizzling over our Fish dishes.
  • Curried Maldon Salt.
  • Roasted Nori Powder.
  • Pineapple Powder.
  • Shallot “Migas” (Crumbs).
  • Crispy Garlic Chips.
  • Shiitake MushroomPowder.
  • Paprkia Powder.

Just a sprinkling of these ingredients over a finished dish really adds colour and elegance to the final product.


2 thoughts on “Ping Gai and Cauliflower Gazpacho with Litchi Tartare

  1. Can you tell me what is in the marinade for ping gai, with rough proportions?  Is it the same as Isaan gai yang?  Is the chicken served with a dipping sauce?  Recipe for that?  Thanks!

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