Summer. It is hot outside and even more so in the kitchens.

This watermelon caused quite a stir when it arrived.

Its flesh is a wonderful Yellow colour, and it tastes sweeter than the regular variety. In some places it is also known as the Honey Watermelon. There are also Orange coloured Watermelons available too.


Tuna Tataki has made its way back in to our Amuse Bouche section. Elegant strips of Tuna are flash grilled then dipped in to ice water to arrest the cooking. Patted dry and sprinkled with a little Sea Salt, they easy to eat.

Here it is served with some Yellow Daikon with a smooth Avocado puree.


It has been a busy few weeks, with a lot of time being spent on our new menu (which was released last week). What we have done is basically changed the presentation of some of our dishes, without changing the traditional cooking methods or recipes.

Our “new look” Spicy Beef.

The new menu will have some additional dishes added in the Autumn, when we get a good supply of Game meats.

Of all the Game meats that get delivered to the hotel, our favourite has to be Wild Duck. In the meantime we have to settle for the normal farmed variety, though that doesn’t stop us from making use of it in our staff dinners. šŸ˜‰

Larb Duck with Banana Blossoms and Sticky Rice make an extremely filling meal.


Junior has just returned from Paris where he has spent a week in a Lao Temple.

Most of the Laocook Team have already spent time in Temples (Bwat).

Everyone agrees that it is an experience that not only brings us closer to ourselves, it is also enlightening and thought provoking.


2 thoughts on “Yellow

  1. We have a varietal in the states call Moon and Stars…
    The flesh is the same color yellow and really quite sweat.
    The rind is the same color green but with little specks of yellow in place of the broad stripes…
    It is one of my favorites.
    Chances of me getting to eat with you guys in Spain is rather unlikely but I enjoy looking at and being inspired by your dishes.

  2. I have heard of the “Moon and Stars” variety, and think that the name is romatically fitting.

    What I really want to see is the Cube or Pyramid versions, grown in Japan in special boxes where the fruit takes the shape of its home, they cost a lot more than normal ones, though I imagine that they would taste the same.

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