Pho Croquettes and Snail Caviar with Tuna

Croquettes are known in many countries by different names. The name derives from the French verb “Croquer” (Bite), and are basically bite sized pieces of food dusted with breadcrumbs, then normally deep fried.

We had some Ox Tail left from a recent batch of Pho, and decided to make our own.

Reduced Pho Stock was used in the recipe, which gave our Croquettes an intense flavour. For a hebry aroma, chopped Mint and Coriander was added.

The fat and tendons attached to the Ox Tail melt within the crust, giving the meat an extremely soft texture within a crunchy shell.


Lately we have been working with Snail Caviar…

Tuna Sashimi wrapped in Iberico Pork Fat topped with Snail Caviar.

Snail Caviar, as the name suggests are Snail Eggs. They sound kinda weird and cause some frowns when served. šŸ˜‰

“Caviar D’escargot” is quite a delicacy, and not a cheap ingredient. They have an “Earthy musky taste”. The Eggs are a little bit bigger than conventional Caviar, and the texture somewhat “silky”.

An acquired taste is needed to eat them on their own, therefore we serve them with other ingredients.


One of our more colourful apetisers makes a welcome return.

Squid Lollipops.

It has been some time since we last served them. Not only pleasing to the eye, the salty-sweet flavour is a favourite.



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