Langostinos and Oyster Sushi

Lately we have been working with a lot of seafood, especially Prawns. King Prawns or Langostinos in Spanish are abundant now. They say that the best ones are from the coastal town of Sanlúcar, and these can be found in many beach-side restaurants, they are quite expensive, but worth every cent.

Langostinos that have simply been poached in salty water or briefly grilled a la plancha are a real treat, especially when washed down with a glass of chilled Manzanilla. 😉

At the restaurant we like to serve our Langostinos Tempura style.

King Prawn Tempura Laocook

Skewered and wrapped in a Nori sheet, dusted with flour followed by a dip in our Tempura batter they make a nice and easy to eat Amuse Bouche.

Amuse Bouche King Prawn Laocook

We serve them in tall shot glasses filled with a soured Sweet Chilli dip.


Another great gift from the sea is the humble Oyster. It is no secret that I love Oysters and could eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 😉 🙂

Our Oyster Sushi is really a play on words. Below you will see why. 😉

Oyster Sushi Laocook

Laocook Oyster Sushi.

Okay, where is the slippery mollusk?

A lot of my friends don’t like Oysters either because of the texture or rawness. I pity the person that hasn’t tasted the intricate flavour of a freshly opened Oyster. But there is a way around this…

Oyster Sushi Laocook 2

Imagine if there was a way to have the taste of a freshly opened Oyster without having to experience the texture?

Though Vegetarians are at the bottom of my Christmas card list, you could call this a “Vegetarian Oyster”.

These leaves pack an enormous amount of flavour, uncannily similar to our shelled friend. We serve them on rice, Nigiri style to give them some texture (and for our diners to have something to chew on 🙂 ).

Oyster Leaves Laocook

Oyster Leaves.

What about an Oyster wrapped in an Oyster Leaf? Double the pleasure? 😉


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