Solomillo and Pez Limón

It has been a busy week in the kitchens. Not only are we introducing new dishes to our everyday menu, there are also a lot of group bookings and large tables.

Desserts Laocook

Dessert is prepared for a table of 18 diners.

As a rule, any tables with greater than 10 diners, a special set menu is served. Not only does a set menu facilitate the service and kitchen, it ensures that the rest of the restaurant doesn’t have to wait too long for their food.

Khamsene Laocook

Sous Chef Khamsene browns off a whole Beef “Solomillo”, which will be placed in the oven to finish cooking.

“Solomillo” (pronounced Solo-Mio) is the Spanish term for Tenderloin or Fillet. It is the most tender cut of meat (normally associated with Beef, Pork or Venison). When cut in to portions it is also known as “Fillet Mignon”.

Tenderloins Laocook

The Solomillo is normally located running along the inside of the spine, between the shoulder and hip. This part of the meat does very little work, therefore remains the least stringy and most tender and free from fat. It is ideal served rare or used for raw dishes like Steak Tartare (and our New Style Beef Larb).

Because the meat is so tender (hence Tenderloin) it is also the most expensive part.

Tenderloin 2 Laocook

Trimmed Beef Solomillo.

All good cuts of meat that are going to be served rare or medium rare will benefit from being cooked from room temperature, so that the inside, being rare, is not “cold”.


On the theme of Spanish names for food, let me introduce you to Pez Limón (literally Lemon Fish).

Yellow Tail Laocook

If Tuna is the King of Fish, Pez Limón is the Crown Prince. The translation of the name has nothing to do with any lemon flavoured meat, more to do with the colour of the tail, Yellow Tail.

Yellow Tail 2 Laocook

Saki gets to grips with our friend.

The best cuts are reserved for the Sushi Bar.

Yellow Tail Laocook

The insides are reserved for the Laocook´s staff dinner (hmmm, Mok Pa anyone? 😉 ).

The meat has a natural crispy like texture and a very clean finish.

I will post some photos from our Sushi Bar soon, in the meantime, its time for some more “Quality Taste Testing” 😆


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