Sesame Salmon with Carrot & Tuna with Papaya

There are so many things you can do with Salmon. We use it in our Sushi Bar, we smoke or marinade it, we grill or poach it.

Farmed Salmon can be fatty, so it is worth spending a little bit more money on Wild Salmon, you can see and taste the difference immediately. The pink/orange colour of the flesh comes from its diet that is largely based on shrimps, farmed Salmon are fed Food Pellets that contain artificial colouring.

When Salmon is cooked, it looses its bright colour which becomes light pink and the flesh becomes flaky. The best way to serve it is to briefly cook it, so it retains it nice texture without breaking up.

We wanted to partner some Salmon with Carrots because we found the colours similar and vibrant.

We brushed some Salmon with a light Miso paste and covered it with Sesame Seeds before pan frying it for a few seconds and serving it with our Carrot sheets.

Salmon and Carrot Laocook

The Sesame Seeds add a light nutty and crunchy flavour and texture.

Another fish that appears on a regular basis on our menus is the Tuna.

We are very fortunate to have the best Tuna from the nearby coasts of Barbate. The best cuts are always reserved for our Sushi and Sashimi, other high quality cuts are used for Tartares or as Tuna Steaks. The latter are always best served rare.

“Tataki” is the Japanese name given to fish or meat that has been briefly seared, just enough to colour the outside before being thinly sliced. We served our Tuna Tataki topped with Papaya and Radish Salad.

Tuna and Tum Laocook

The Papaya and Radish are shredded by hand in the “old fashioned manner” and made in quite the same way as a traditional “Tum” (except we left out the Chillies) 😉 . When searing the Tuna, a good way to arrest the cooking is to plunge the Tuna in to an Ice Bath, then thoroughly dry it with paper towels.

As we are on a Japanese theme, last week we served up some Kobe Beef with Japanese Mushrooms.

Kobe and Mushrooms Laocook

The Tenderloin has less fat than the Sirloin, but still retains a buttery texture. Like all good meats, it would be a crime to serve it cooked any more than “Bleu”.


I cannot say that I share the same enthusiasm as our European colleagues regarding the Euro 2008 Championships. So England are not playing, so according to me, it is not worth watching!.

Maybe we will support Spain, seems logical seeing as we live and work here, but on the other hand, some of us are cheering on France, Holland and Germany. I cant make up my mind yet.

Anyway, to get our minds off the football we decided to have a drink (or two) after along and hard Service. Something cold and bubbly…. 😉

After Work Laocook


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