Trilogy of Tuna

Tuna season is well upon us, and whilst the fisherman are hard at work, cooks are also busy.

Some wonderful cuts arrived to the Laocook Kitchens, and immediately we mixed up some Wasabi and Soy Sauce (for product quality testing purposes only 😆 😉 ).

The texture of high quality Tuna is unlike any other fish. There is nothing “fishy” about it. It looks like meat, and has a similar texture, but more soft, more delicate.

As a Starter for a special Aharn Menu (Tasting Menu) we put together the following.

Trilogy of TRuna Laocook

Our Trilogy Of Tuna.

The Tuna is cut by hand in to small dice, and briefly marinated in various vinaigrette’s, then served at once.

A closer look…

Trilogy Tuna Laocook

The first is served with Flying Fish Roe (Tobiko), which is fabulously crunchy.

Trilogy Tuna Laocook

Next follows an extravagant mouthful. Caviar “Ecológico“.

Trilogy Laocook Tuna

The last morsel gets the “Goong Che Nam Pla” treatment topped with “Crystal Shallots”.

Each small bowl is packed with different subtle flavours and eaten in the order as it appears above. Though they may look big in the photos, they are all small tit-bits, the size of a 2 Euro coin.

What a great way to start a meal. 🙂


Now that BBQ time is here, we shall be shortly firing up our coals for long summer nights of “Ping Gai and Moo” and cold beer.

Getting ready for the red sky at night, Junior is hard at work adding the final touches to our new batch of “Jeow Bong”.

Junior Chilli Chutney Laocook

Not content with the spiciness of our last effort, he has decided to make this one “Hardcore Hot”. 🙂

Countless dried Birds Eye Chillies were added. If not content with Sunburn, I am sure that something else will be burning soon too…. 😆 🙂 😆


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