Daily Amuse Bouche

After we have taken your order, and before the meal begins, the kitchen sends you a little dish saying,

“Welcome to ASIA”.

Each Amuse Bouche is decided on the day. It is an important dish however small. It is akin to an opening act.

Below is a collection of last weeks preludes.

Tum Mak Deng Gazpacho Laocook

“Tum Mak Deng Gazpacho with Sesame Toast”.

One of the best summer offerings from Andalucia, with a Laotian touch. All the ingredients (minus the tomato) for the classic Laotian Cucumber Salad are used (yep, Padek is included too 🙂 ).

We also make this dish with ripe Papaya when available, which gives the dish a wonderful red/orange colour, similar to the original Gazpacho.


Watermelon Cube with Tamarind Sauce Laocook

“Chilled Watermelon with Tamarind “Pip””.

A very summery “Sweet and Sour” taste. Extremely easy to make, and easier to eat. 🙂

We scoop out a tiny piece near the corner, fill it with reduced Tamarind Juice, which at first sight is mistaken for the pip.

We choose the sweetest Watermelon for this dish to partner the sourness of the Tamarind.

It is served on Iced Lemonade Shavings.


Fresh Spring Rolls with Duck Laocook

“Fresh Spring Rolls filled with Duck”.

A kind of Chinese/Vietnamese flavour. In place of Chinese style Pancakes, we use Vietnamese Spring Roll Sheets.


Tataki of Tuna Laocook

“Tuna Tataki with Lemongrass Oil and Balsamic Vinegar”.

Fine pieces of Tuna a grilled for a few seconds over a high flame, then dipped in to iced water and dried. It is served with some Sesame Seeds and Lemongrass Oil with a sweet Balsamic reduction.


King Prawn Tempura Laocook

Saki gets the King Prawn Tempura ready, which will later be served in tall Shot Glasses.

The key to a good Tempura is to make sure that the batter is always cold and the oil is always hot. The King Prawns are cooked in batches to make sure that the oil remains hot for the following batch.


After Service (and a few glasses of wine 😆 ), Suri brings the evening to a close.

Suri Piano Laocook


4 thoughts on “Daily Amuse Bouche

  1. You mother (is Lao?) is right.

    Our Padek is “topped up” when needed, but never used until empty. Mush like the “Solera” process. I guess that there is no way of knowing the actaul “age” of the Padek. We just know that it tastes good, especially during the warmer months….

  2. Sabaidee Vienne,

    I am so proud & exiting to have famous Laotian cook team in Spain.  The foods, the arrangement look so yummy.  You guys are such a creative.  Do you make Tam Makhoogg (Papya salade) for the guests ? Don’t you want to come to have a Restaurant in America someday?  I want all people in American to know about Laotian foods.
    Sokdee der,


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