Beetroot and Garlic Purée

Beetroot Purée Laocook

These small Amuse Bouche bowls are filled with Junior´s “Beetroot and Garlic Purée which sits on a Tamarind Jelly with Cod Flakes and Orange Segment”.

Laocook Beetroot Purée

Beetroots are grown on site and have a lovely colour. Ours tend to be a little sweet, so we decided to add some Garlic and a small amount of cream. The Tamarind Jelly adds a sharp tang, whilst the Cod adds a slight saltiness. Though unusual, it is a nice combination of flavours and textures.


Our Chef Selection Sushi by Kuchi (though now we call him Gucci! 🙂 ) have a colourful presentation.

Kuchi Sushi Laocook

Avocado, King Prawns, Salmon, Tuna and Mackerel.

Kuchi Sushi Laocook 2

Extremely easy to eat (we should know, we ate loads! 😉 ).

It seems that everyone loves the creaminess of Avocados, and we like to use them whenever we get the chance. If you buy Avocados that are a little under-ripe, just leave them out at room temperature until ripened to your liking, then place them in the bottom of the fridge (the cold will stop the fruit from ripening further).

Laocook Avocado and Prawn Toasts

To stop the Avocado from changing colour, add a few drops of Lime (or lemon) Juice and cover with Cling Film until needed. Above you can see our Seasoned Avocado with King Prawn on Shallot Oil Toast with Volcanic Salt.

Avocado and King Prawn Laocook

The “Red Powder” you can see is made with cooked and dried Lobster Roe.


This week we have found another use for “Laotian Salad Dressing” which is made with cooked Egg Yolks.

We enjoyed the light tang and body of the dressing and decided to add it to some grilled fish.

Fish Sauce Laocook

The dressing is made in more or less the traditional manner, then passed through a fine chinois before being placed in a Sifon. It can be used either warm or cold .

It certainly perks up a dish and when served cold can be used used directly on any Summer Salad.


One thought on “Beetroot and Garlic Purée

  1. the amuse looks really interesting. when i first saw the picture i thought it might have been a sorbet

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