Laocook Summer Internships 2008

We are pleased to announce that we are accepting applications for our 2008 Summer Internships.

The Internships are unpaid, though accommodation will be provided.

Work experience will be within the Central Kitchen, Sushi and Pastry sections.

The candidates that we are looking for should have some catering experience either in hotels or restaurants, be able to work well under pressure and willing to learn.

The time frame can be suited to individual needs, though there is a requirement of a minimum of 6 weeks.

Contact information can be seen at the end of the LCTV presentation below.


7 thoughts on “Laocook Summer Internships 2008

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  2. Where is your 5-star hotel based in?  How come I can’t find any info on this site about the city you are in? 
    That would be good to consider before applying to the internship!!! I know where Sevilla is-is it close to that? Thanks so much!

  3. Hola Nittaya,

    You should send us your CV or Resume before the end of May.

    We are going through applications and will contact everyone individually.

    The timing of the Internship can be discussed later to suit both your and our needs.


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