Anchovies in Tomato and Roasted Duck

I love Bloody Mary´s. They are quick and easy to make and very enjoyable on a sunny afternoon. 😉

There are 1000´s or recipes and variations, but the two most important ingredients are Tomato Juice and Worcestershire Sauce. It was whilst looking at a bottle of the latter that the idea of “Anchovies in Tomato” was born.

I have always fondly called Worcestershire Sauce the “European Padek Juice” because it is a fermented liquid condiment that contains Anchovies.

For my version, fresh Anchovies were cleaned then briefly marinated in Yuzu Juice.

Laocook Anchovies in Tomato

They are used to line a shot glass that is then filled with a Virgin Mary mix (not all our clients drink alcohol).

Laocook Anchovies in Tomato 2

They are then topped with a Citrus Foam and served immediately.

I don’t know if it will catch on, or whether a “Bloody Laocook 😆 ” will be seen in any bars, but it will definitely be featured on our “Aharn Menu”.


Before any work can begin in our kitchens, we have to get our tools ready. The cook´s best friends in his workplace are his knives. A blunt blade is dangerous one.


Khamhoung, Kuchi and Saki tend to our knives. Sharpening cannot be rushed, there are no short cuts for quality.

Laocook Duck Prep
Khamhoung gets our Ducks ready for one of our new dishes.

Laocook Duck Test

The Duck must pass a taste test before t reaches any tables.

Our Duck is based on the Chinese Roast Duck cooking method, though we have used more of a Laotian marinade that contains Lemongrass and Garlic. As with the Chinese version, the Duck will benefit from a few days hanging before roasting.

Laocook Duck

We serve our Duck medium rare, and only use the breast for this dish. The legs will be used in a Red Curry, the stock being made from the carcasses.


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