Elvers and Jade Noodles with King Prawn

What looks like noodles, are actually Elvers, expensive little things from the near by town of Trebujena.

Elvers Laocook

Normally in Spain, Elvers are cooked in Olive Oil with Garlic and sometimes Dried Chillies, they then take on a “noodle-like” texture.

These small Eels are a delicacy around this region, and fetch high prices in the local Tapas Bars.

They are best purchased alive, and are treated to a bath of Marlboro Lights. What? You read right…. 😯

Tobacco is removed from a cigarette, wrapped in a cloth then placed in a container filled with the swimming Elvers. Within minutes they are ready to be placed in to the hot oil, otherwise they would splatter (basically jump) everywhere if you dumped them in to the hot fat. Why do we use Tobacco? Who knows? It was a handy tip that I got off a cook in one of the famous bars in the nearby White Village.

Hey, if it works for him, it works for us… 🙂

We served our Elvers on top of a Cauliflower and Phö Jelly with some Garlic, Olive Oil and Chillie Crumbs.


Jade Noodles and Prawns Laocook

The same Garlic, Olive Oil and Chillie Crumbs also topped our Jade Noodles with King Prawn, however this time we added a dash of Sesame and Grapeseed Oil, to Jade Noodles that have been tossed in a Yuzu Vinaigrette.

The Prawn is first shelled and cleaned before being blanched in a light Vegetable stock for a few seconds (yep, never overcook Prawns!), that way they retain their lovely texture and sweetness, which goes well with the scent of the Garlic and Sesame Oil.

We are thinking about making a menu of “Mini Aharn” for the summer, a kind of “Ghem Lau” or “Drink Snacks”, perhaps a 9 or 10 course meal consisting of some of the small dishes that we have made during this season.

10 dishes sounds like a lot, but they are small, and there will be plenty of Wine to go with it! 😉 🙂


5 thoughts on “Elvers and Jade Noodles with King Prawn

  1. I used to catch elvers in the rivers around Virginia; they are a pain to skin. We didn’t use the tobacco trick, although it would have been keenly appropriate in the Old Dominion. We dumped them into a pail of salt…

  2. i guess the tobacco poisons them…

    i say this because in a kung-fu movie i saw, the guy soaked tobacco from a few cigarettes in a glass of water, and after letting it set, he used a syringe to extract the tobacco liquid from on top the water… supposedly pure niccotine. and supposedly lethal if directly injected into the blood stream…

    but this is too violent for an online cookbook lol

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